Zombieland Spin-Off Series May Be In The Works

Not exactly about Tallahassee, Columbus, Wichita or Little Rock but a spin-off of Zombieland series may actually be in the works.

Director Ruben Fleischer actually fanned rumor flames saying he hopes a spin-off happens soon.

Exclusive interviews for his upcoming movie Uncharted reveals that the director even hinges on a running joke during the production of the sequel.

Director Fleischer shares:

When we were making Zombieland 2 it was a running joke among us all that, “We got to do this again in another 10 years and see where it’s evolved to.” We’ll see come 2029 if that’s something we’re still thinking about. But I would be so thrilled to get the gang back together and see where their lives have led in the last 10 years.

Also in 2019, Fleischer expressed he would jump at the chance to helm a Zombieland spinoff.

A spin-off that will showcase Zoey Deutch’s character, Madison.

It’s actually something that he still envisions happening.

Madison, to this day, is one of my all-time favorite characters, so I’d be thrilled to see what she’s up to in the world of the zombie post-apocalypse

Zombieland Spin-Off Series May Be In The Works

Zombieland Spin-Off Series May Be In The Works

Image: Sony Pictures

Considering the years it took to make the first movie and the ones until the sequel, 2029 is looking like a release year.

But that is for the theatres.

There is a question whether it would have a series.

Perhaps a general concept is already in the director’s mind.

How far can one actually go with zombie apocalypse themed storylines?

It will all boil down to character development.

A series will also require an extended way of storytelling too.

Also writing of the story happens as the people behind the production juggles it with other projects.

Looking at previous development stages, one way or another someone is deep in involvement with another film or series.

However, basic concept and character core is still intact in Fleischer’s mind.

Even though there has been an attempt at making the series for TV back in 2013, it did not pan out.

Re-casted characters affected the audience impression.

Because Amazon allowed viewers to influence the “go or no-go” decision, they dropped the series after viewers saw the pilot.

When the second film came out with the original actors back in their characters, the sequel was well-received in the box office.

Box Office records speak for itself.

Zombieland had a production budget of $23.6M which clocked in $102.24M in world wide box office.

And, Zombieland 2: Double Tap generated $122.27M in the world wide box office from a budget of $48M

This tells us that given the right cast, story and execution, Zombieland performs to get back at least twice its budget.

Not bad crew, not bad at all.

Zombieland Spin-Off Series Can Work

Zombieland Spin-Off Series May Be In The Works

Image: Sony Pictures

The initial plan for the series wanted to feature the Kill of the Week.

This can still work for a new spin-off they could be brewing right now.

The only problem at the time was the re-casted characters.

What they can consider is develop a different team.

Or maybe feature different teams and challenges every week.

Start with a miniseries?

It will surely be right up Director Ruben Fleischer’s alley.


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