Zack Snyder Addresses DCU SnyderVerse Possible Return

Days after James Gunn and Peter Safran begun being Co-CEOs of DC StudiosZack Snyder answers talks about SnyderVerse returning to the DCU. It’s no secret how the previous regime of Warner Bros treated Snyder. Now that new heads are on top of the company, people think it may be time he returns to DC. An update comes from ComicBookMovie where Snyder addresses these rumors in The Preston and Steve Show that @AaronBaileyArt tweeted.

Zack Snyder Addresses DCU SnyderVerse Possible Return

Answering the question whether his return to the DC universe is imminent, Snyder answers:

As far as I know, which is very little, I am doing my thing and haven’t had anyone give me a call or anything. So, I am just wishing them all the best and hoping that they make some cool movies.

The tweet is posted today, November 11. Some responses interpret the “no calls” from DC to Snyder as an indirect message that DC Studios don’t want anything to do with the director in the future. Which is absolutely ridiculous. First, people need to remember the change has only happened a few days ago. Gunn and Safran officially started office November 1.

Right now, most likely, the two are busy plotting their plans for the future of DC Studios. Of course, Gunn has expressed in his own twitter account that he did call Kevin Feige and Matt Reeves. Mainly because he has still commitments with one and impending projects under him with the other. If there are immediate calls that Gunn or Safran has to do, it would be with people whom they are working with prior to the appointment. And people they are working with for projects existing as the management transitioned.

On both conditions, Snyder has no active projects with the two. Neither is there any negative relationship between Snyder and the new CEOs of DC Studio.

Zack Snyder Addresses DCU SnyderVerse Possible Return

Zack Snyder Addresses DCU SnyderVerse Possible Return

Image: Warner Bros.

There are also reactions stating that they are happy Snyder is doing his own thing. His highly anticipated Rebel Moon is still deep in production. Last October, Rebel Moon just concluded its fan art contest with 10 selected original character arts. Naturally, fans assume that these winning characters will appear in Snyder’s epic space adventure. At the moment, this is Snyder’s new IP in the making.

Whether he comes back to DC or not, his work has already laid groundwork for future projects. For that, Snyder’s contribution to the DC Universe is indelible.


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