Warner Bros Discovery May Have Cancelled The Wonder Twins Movie

Warner Bros Discovery reportedly deactivated the production of The Wonder Twins movie even though characters have already been cast.

We have been following this movie production for a while now. It has quite captured our curiosity on how it will be delivered to theaters. But alas, Warner Bros Discovery has made its decision. Wonder Twins Deactivate!

That Hashtag Show reports that the plans for The Wonder Twins have been scrapped. Prior to the merger, plans were full speed ahead. The writer for the 2022 movie Black Adam, Adam Sztykiel, was already on board to write and direct the movie.  Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey of Temple Hill were to produce it.

Warner Bros Discovery Deactivates DC’s The Wonder Twins Movie

Warner Bros Discovery, Deactivates, DC, The Wonder Twins, Movie

Image: DC Comics

Sztykiel could have had a lot of room to reinvent the Wonder Twins, Zan and Jayna. This is because, there seems to be a difference in every iteration of the characters in the past. Either in their origin or in the specific execution of their powers. Even though they are always shapeshifters, there have been slight changes from their first appearance in 1977. Writer E. Nelson Bridwell and artist Ramona Fradon introduced them as superheroes-in-training in the comics.

This time it could have deviated from the “training” concept and veer towards “coming of age” with superpowers. The twins are still aliens in a new planet, new environment and amongst new people. They would have been in highschool where all the awkwardness and self-discovery happens.

Production already announced KJ Apa of Riverdale as Zan and Isabel May of Young Sheldon as Jayna. There were three characters up for casting namely Kenzie, who is Jayna’s roommate, other twins Pils and Vinka, who were supposed to be villains or antagonists of Zan and Jayna.

Warner Bros Discovery, Deactivates, DC, The Wonder Twins, Movie

Image: DC Comics

The Wonder Twins gets its production deactivated. It would have started this July in Atlanta, Georgia. But Warner Bros Discovery has other plans in mind. Now, rumors as to which DC characters will be the focus of Warner Bros Discovery is a growing hot topic. Some Zack Snyder fans are already warming up with the thought that projects put on hold or cancelled would mean the revival or return of a certain team of World’s Finest Superheroes.


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