Warner Bros Barbie Movie Stars Will Ferrell And Margot Robbie

Will Ferrell is cast with Margot Robbie in the upcoming Barbie movie from Warner Bros. Greta Gerwig is to direct and co-write the film.

The Hollywood Reporter posted the news on the casting of Will Ferrell with Margot Robbie for the film about Barbie. The film will have Greta Gerwig as director. They will join actors Ryan Gosling, Simu Liu and Kate Mckinnon who are already on board for the movie as well. Alexandra Shipp, Emma Mackey and America Ferrera also belong to the all-star cast.

Warner Bros Barbie Movie Stars Will Ferrell and Margot Robbie

Warner Bros Barbie Movie Stars Will Ferrell and Margot Robbie

Image: Paramount

Greta Gerwig writes the script with Noah Baumbach. Production is already in progress with Robbie landing the lead role of the fashion icon doll.

Details and delivery of the projects are still locked away with a thrown key. However, some information seeped through saying Ferrell will be playing a CEO of a toy company that may or may not be Mattel.

Margot Robbie is also producing the film through LuckyChap with Tom Ackerley. David Heyman and Mattel Films’ Robbie Brenner joins Margot Robbie as producers.

For over 60 years, Barbie has been in the forefront of fashion for dolls. Amidst controversies as to body imagery, Barbie has still stood for girls dreams for many generations. She is the Madonna of dolls. She reinvented, re-imaged herself for girls to accommodate self-imagery of profession and overall happiness. From luxury cars to dream houses apart from clothes, apparel and pets, Barbie has them all. From being a Doctor, a Nurse, a Teacher, a Pilot, to other professions, Barbie has done them all too. Random House released novels telling about Barbie’s family, life and growing up years.

Warner Bros Barbie Movie Stars Will Ferrell and Margot Robbie

Warner Bros Barbie Movie Stars Will Ferrell and Margot Robbie

Image: Pixabay

She has also starred in various CGI animated films and series. Film and series that are still loved by many kids today.

However, Barbie is not invulnerable to the controversies especially regarding the growing thrust in diversity in representation. Critics point out that her image leaves out girls of other ethnicities. Hence, Mattel responded by introducing multi-cultural Barbie. Thus, since 1960s to present, Mattel has Barbie dolls featuring over 22 skin tones, 94 hair colors, 13 eye colors and five body types.

Speculations about the movie’s plot include Barbie’s development through history or Day-In-The-Life of Barbie or maybe a lesson on beauty and acceptance. The story is anybody’s guess at this point really. Based on the line-up of actors, the film will definitely have some, if not a lot of, comedic value.

How do you think this Barbie movie project will go?


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