Update Sony Karate Kid Not Related To Netflix Cobra Kai

Contrary to speculations, the upcoming Karate Kid movie will not be connected to the ongoing Cobra Kai series on Netflix. The recent announcement of Sony stating they have an upcoming movie adding to the Karate Kid franchise had people thinking. The announcement did not include any information about the plot nor cast nor crew.

Because of the increased success and audience interest in the Cobra Kai series, people supposed that the movie could have a connection to it. Apparently, not.

Update Sony Karate Kid Not Related To Netflix Cobra Kai

Sony, Karate Kid, Netflix, Cobra Kai

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Recently, Jon Hurwitz, co-creator of Netflix’s Cobra Kai took to twitter to answer those who have been curious. In his twitter account @jonhurwitz, The screen writer said:

According to showrunners Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg, only the first four movies of the franchise, also called Miyagi-verse, influence the Cobra Kai series. Main characters Miyagi, Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence portrayed by the late Pat Morita, Ralph Macchio and William Zabka, respectively.

John G. Avildsen directed the first three movies that writer Robert Mark Kamen created. Apparently, the franchise originates from a mix of personal and an athletic true-to-life story back in the 1980s. Writer Kamen had to learn Karate to defend himself against bullies growing up. His first instructor reflected the characteristics of the Master of the Cobra Kai dojo back then. After which, he got a new teacher who then embodied Miyagi’s traits.

Update Sony Karate Kid Not Related To Netflix Cobra Kai

Sony, Karate Kid, Netflix, Cobra Kai

Image: Columbia Pictures

Sony’s Columbia Pictures reportedly state the upcoming movie is:

The return to the original Karate Kid franchise.

Does this actually mean the original being the Miyagi-verse of the franchise? Are they rebooting the franchise but with the same set of characters? Slightly tweaked story?

While the production has yet to divulge any information, people are now left clueless as to what they have in mind. It can be a good thing right? But, given the franchise track of Sony, it can be a toss of a coin of a chance.

Cobra Kai is doing very well in giving a continuation story for the LaRusso-Lawrence rivalry. They have grown and have bigger, broader challenges in them. What could this upcoming movie bring to the floor?

We keep our eyes peeled as to the next announcement on cast and crew. In the mean time, we wax on and wax off some speculations.


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