Upcoming James Wan Horror Film M3GAN Already Talks of Sequel

Upcoming horror film M3GAN is already in talks for a sequel with formidable genre director James Wan and Grimm writer Akela Cooper. While the theatrical release moves from January 13, 2023 a week earlier to January 6, the trailer let social media platforms go crazy with its memes. Many of these went viral to the point of every marketing professional’s dreams.

Now, movieweb.com shares the movie is already preparing for its sequel even months before the first’s release.

Upcoming James Wan Horror Film M3GAN Already Talks of Sequel

Universal Pictures welcomed the idea of James Wan for this modern take of “dolls go slicey slicey”. Unlike horror movies with dolls, M3GAN is an advanced doll model with artificial intelligence. She is built to be a companion, a teacher, a best friend. However, M3GAN has one goal:

To protect Katie (her owner) from harm. Both physical and emotional.

As an AI, M3GAN follows this absolutely. To a degree of logic only M3GAN calculates to be perfect. Aside from being there for Katie, they play, they dance and Katie becomes emotionally attached. M3GAN became overly protective.

Weeks ago, the official trailer called attention of generations of horror fans. M3GAN is the new Chucky in some comments. There are those that commented the movie to be a modern “Child’s Play”. What’s even more intriguing is that due to the technological nature of M3GAN, people say the events in the movie may be more close to reality than we think.

Atomic Monster, Blumhouse Productions and Divide/Conquer brings this movie to theaters. Many are now looking forward to seeing M3GAN.

Upcoming James Wan Horror Film M3GAN Already Talks of Sequel

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M3GAN stars Allison Williams as Gemma and Violet McGraw as Cady. Meanwhile, Amie Donald portrays M3GAN in Jenna Davis’ voice. In addition, Ronny Chieng, Brian Jordan Alvarez, Arlo Green, Jen Van Epps, Kira Josephson, Michael Saccente, Jack Cassidy and Stephane Garneau-Monten, joins them as cast.

How the sequel moves forward from the upcoming movie, we let the creators do their frightening best. Does it mean that the end of the upcoming movie allows M3GAN to survive? Won’t they be able to reprogram her? And how much of a killing spree will she be doing in the movie? At least they moved the release date a week early for us to find out.


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