Uncharted Unexpectedly Unabashedly Performing In Box Office

Uncharted is unexpectedly unabashedly performing in the Box Office with $226M current worldwide box office record.

At 11 days from its premiere, the-numbers.com shows Uncharted has already got the project budget back and some.

Considering that the movie is shot and released during this pandemic, some people are quite surprised.

Could it be on the road to having its own sequel?

Is Sony getting another positive IP for its movies?

In terms of financial standing, Uncharted is a promising property for movies.

Although, it does have a mixed to not-so-favorable reviews execution-wise.

Months ago, a Reddit post cited its unpopular opinion saying that the movie will flop.

Fans had second thoughts about casting Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg as Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan, respectively.

However, comments of the posted thread had pointed out the cast themselves could be reason that the movie will sell.

Uncharted Unexpectedly Unabashedly Performing In Box Office

Uncharted Unexpectedly Unabashedly Performing In Box Office

Image: Sony Pictures

Fans of the Naughty Dog game of the same name where it is based from ran a poll.

The poll about whether they would watch the movie or not.

91 out of 166 (54.82%) votes said they will “PASS”.

Only 21 votes or 12.65% voted “Yes!”.

By February 11, metro.co.uk reports that “Uncharted movie is a flop with critics according to early reviews”

Rotten tomatoes chalks in 40% on Tomatometer but 90% on Audience Score verified audience rating.

This reflects a disconnect in movie impression.

It is possible that film critics and perhaps the video game fans have specific criteria that are not met.

While regular movie-goers aren’t exactly keen on those specifics for this movie.

As the movie is compared to the likes of Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider and National Treasure, opinions can be quite varied.

There is common consensus though that the movie is entertaining and exciting especially if you separate your expectations from the videogame.

Uncharted Unexpectedly Unabashedly Performing In Box Office

Uncharted Unexpectedly Unabashedly Performing In Box Office

Image: Sony Pictures

As the week rolled by, Uncharted shows unexpected box office result.

Despite the pandemic and what people have been saying, it has secured a quiet lead in box office.

IMDb gives it a rating of 6.7/10 from 36K respondents.

Screenrant.com reported that the movie outperformed Sony’s opening weekend projections.

$40 million over three days. After grossing $22 million from its opening weekend across 15 international markets outside of the United States and Canada, the movie also took in $3.7 million from domestic Thursday night previews.

We are sure Sony finds relief in seeing the figures as they come in.

A good part of the reason why the movie is performing well is the chemistry of actors Holland and Wahlberg.

This, even though this casting had fans doubting the choice and The Times even state that Holland is “wasted in tedious game adaptation”.

In fact, in Rotten tomatoes, the reviews note the chemistry between the two characters very well.

Overall the movie is deemed entertaining and checks out the list of an adventure fun film with stunning visuals in the story.

If you set your expectations on that then you will undoubtedly enjoy the film.


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