Todd Phillip’s Joker 2 May Pair Joaquin Phoenix With Lady Gaga

Todd Phillip’s Joker 2 has its ball rolling with Lady Gaga in mind to be Harley Quinn to Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker.

Deadline reports that the ongoing development for the Joker sequel has Lady Gaga almost signed on to be the newest Harley Quinn.

Todd Phillip’s Joker 2 May Pair Joaquin Phoenix With Lady Gaga

Todd Phillip's Joker 2 May Pair Joaquin Phoenix With Lady Gaga

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As with the first movie, Todd Phillips will again co-write the script with Scott Silver. The character study movie that begun with $55M and ended up making $1B had the sequel coming before the first HaHa! With those numbers, a sequel is truly carved in stone. The director even posted a photo on his Instagram showing the sequel’s apparent title: Folie a Deux. The title is French for “shared madness”.

From the first movie, Gotham City’s society gave “birth” to the Joker as Arthur Fleck spiraled into his unfathomable dark psyche. In a way, Gotham City itself shared in his madness. Up until the end of the film, there is still the question of whether everything truly happened or not. As Joker’s or Arthur Fleck’s mind have all but twisted in what is actually real, the movie itself could be just his imagination.

Being in the Arkham Asylum in the end would perfectly place an opportunity for Fleck to encounter Harley Quinn. The sequel can even dive into their relationship and his part in luring Harley into his world. Instead of Harley bringing him into the light.

Todd Phillip’s Joker 2 May Pair Joaquin Phoenix With Lady Gaga

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As an Oscar winner for her music and a nominee for her acting, Lady Gaga will sure defy naysayers. Should Lady Gaga indeed take on Harley Quinn, some fans even entertain the supposition that the sequel could even be a musical. To which, in all purposes of probability, I, for one, think: why not? If ever, the sequel would be delivering this within the tone that it has initiated anyway. We only need to prepare ourselves for the surprise. Then again, given that, it would not be a surprise anymore would it?

There are still a lot more sides and stories to Joker in the comics that can be applied in the sequel. A lot still can be told even without actual participation of a Batman. This is only beneficial to the team behind the movie.


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