Todd McFarlane Now Has A Writer Team For Spawn Movie

Finally, Todd McFarlane has Scott Silver, Malcolm Spellman and Matt Mixon in the script writer team for his Spawn movie starring Jamie Foxx. The long-awaited adaptation of the popular comic book series about the anti-hero from hell just got its boost in development. Needless to say, creator McFarlane is over the moon in the steps the production is taking. At last, things seem to be coming together for fans to finally see a resurrection of the hero.

The creator himself made the announcement through his twitter account and The Hollywood Reporter posted the update.

Todd McFarlane Now Has A Writer Team For Spawn Movie

Todd McFarlane created Spawn for Image Comics. The anti-hero first appeared in his eponymous comic book in May 1992. The fictional superhero or anti-hero became so popular among comic book readers that it got its adaptations for movie, television series as well as video games. New comic book series susch as Angela, Curse of the Spawn among others spun off from the original series in the Image Universe comics.

By 1997, its full length feature film premiered starring Michael Jai White. After which, an HBO animated series ran from 1997 to 1999. Many collectors keep his action figures from McFarlane Toys line as their prized pieces.

Originally, the character is Albert Francis Simmons. a regular human being born in Detroit, Michigan, USA. He was a retired officer in the US Marine Corps. Eventually, he joined the Secret Service, got into the CIA under Director Jason Wynn. During his time as an assassin, he became more morally aware of his actions. Thus, his superior ordered for his death. It turns out that it was his friend and partner whom they hired to kill him. Upon his death from this betrayal, his soul lands in hell where he made a deal with Malebolgia the devil to get back to his wife. Expecting he would come back as he was, he finds out he returns years after his death in a severely burnt body. To his despair, his wife has already moved on with his best friend.

From that point on, Violator, a demon, oversees his activities as his demon guardian.

Todd McFarlane Now Has A Writer Team For Spawn Movie

Todd McFarlane Now Has A Writer Team For Spawn Movie

Writers for the upcoming movie come with impressive past projects and promising perspectives. Writer Scott Silver is a two-time Oscar nominee whose works include another Todd’s movie. He penned Todd Philipps’ Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix. Also, he is deep at work with its sequel Joker: Folie a Deux and an untitled Hulk Hogan biopic. Meanwhile writer Malcolm Spellman has the television series Bel-Air, the MCU’s The Falcon And the Winter Soldier and Hip Hop Uncovered. Just to name a few. Of course, writer Matt Mixon is on board for his unique eye for story. In turn, Mixon’s previous works include The Measure, Half Man. and the documentary Yesterday Was Everything. Last but not the least, Jamie Foxx is still very much on board for the movie.

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