Thunderbolts Enters Production Proper June 2023

Sources announce that Marvel Studios has June 2023 as the start of Thunderbolts production proper. The information comes from Daniel RPK as twitter account Thunderbolts News recently posted. Apparently, the movies starts its shoot almost one year after its initial announcement at the San Diego Comic Con. Further, notes that this filming schedule is about over two months after Captain America: New World Order begins its own production.

Both movies are on schedule for a 2024 theatrical release falling within Marvel Studios’ Phase 5 of the MCU.

Thunderbolts Enters Production Proper June 2023

Marvel Studios’ President Kevin Feige introduced the movie’s cast during this years D23 in September. During that time, Julia Louis-Dreyfus joined Feige on stage as she will reprise her role as CIA Director Valentina Allegra de Fontaine. Likewise, Florence Pugh returns as Yelena Belova, the new Black Widow. Then David Harbour comes in to reprise his role as Alexei Shostakov aka Red Guardian. Coming from The Falcon and The Winter Soldier series is Wyatt Russell for John Walker aka U.S. Agent, Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes aka Winter Soldier. Also from the Black Widow movie is Olga Kurylenko returning as Antonia Dreykov aka Taskmaster. Many fans are happy to see Hannah John-Kamen coming back for the role of Ava Starr aka Ghost from the 2018 movie Ant-Man and the Wasp.

A few weeks later, Marvel officially announced Harrison Ford will take over the late William Hurt’s role General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross.  Although, as for Ford, Thunderbolts will not be the first movie he will appear as the role. In turn, his first appearance as Thaddeus Ross is in Captain America: New World Order.

Thunderbolts Enters Production Proper June 2023

Thunderbolts Enters Production Proper June 2023

Image: Marvel Studios

Interestingly, the characters that they have selected for Thunderbolts already have histories in the MCU. They have members from movies such as Captain America for Bucky; Black Widow for Yelena, Red Guardian and Taskmaster; and Ant-Man and the Wasp for Ghost. Then the series of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier for Val and the U.S. Agent. Indeed, it’s going to be interesting how these characters will connect with each other as a team. David Harbour even commented:

We’re like losers, which I like. We’re like, you know, the losers. And I think it’s fun to watch us just mess everything up. I think that’s the spectrum. I think it’s very funny, but there’s also a lot of pathos in that.

A certain hilarity is due for some characters’ interactions but definitely Thunderbolts promises to be an action packed movie. Surely, we will keep an eye out for behind the scene photos once they start the production proper in June 2023.


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