Thor: Love and Thunder Releases Teaser

April 18 and Marvel Entertainment on YouTube releases Marvel Studios’ Thor: Love and Thunder Official Teaser. Well, it isn’t the full trailer but we got the cross-fit montage everyone was calling to happen online.

First part depicts Thor running as a child and frame by frame he ages to his current physique. Then to him seeming to have “planted” Stormbreaker. It’s symbolic of him being more grounded. As Stormbreaker remined a marker for his change, he also expanded his presence within the new world he thrives in. And then he appears to be Ravager Thor. Scenes that followed depicted perhaps the first fourth of the movie. It showed his life as a Ravager with the Guardians of the Galaxy led by Starlord, Peter Quill. It even showed him giving a woman a kiss.

Thor: Love and Thunder Releases Teaser

All the while it showed glimpses of Valkyrie in New Asgard. Quite bored we may add. Challenges ensued that he has to “uproot” Stormbreaker and face a threat. Finally, in the midst of battle he faces Mighty Thor Jane Foster, calling and wielding Mjolnir. The Mjolnir that has the fissures as a testimony to Hela’s demonstration of power to her brothers in Thor: Ragnarok.

The teaser hears Thor say:

These hands were once used for battle. Now they are but humble tools for peace. I need to figure out exactly who I amI want to choose my own path, live in the moment. My superhero-ing days are over. 

With the background music of Sweet Child of Mine by Guns n’ Roses, he really is the sweet child coming to be his own man. Like, he simply just wants to live free and happy for the rest of his life, away from godly responsibilities.

But the teaser then cuts:


With whatever is happening and what he is about to face, he needed to re-center himself. His emotional vulnerability still roots from his long seeded guilt about letting everyone down in Avengers: Infinity War. It didn’t matter that he tried to make things right the next time he saw Thanos after the first Snap. That time, it didn’t make things better. It was meaningless then. He was only able to vindicate himself in Avengers: Endgame. But in the end, he still lost people he cared about.

Thor: Love and Thunder Releases Teaser

Thor: Love and Thunder Releases Teaser

Image: Marvel Studios

I believe, this coming movie will give him closure. Further, the presence of Jane Foster as the one bearing the powers of Thor would be something of an inspiration for him too. He isn’t just some god. He is Thor.

Then of all people, Peter Quill tells him:

Remember what I told you: you ever feel lost? Just look into the eyes of the people you love.

And just as any Marvel movie, a comic moment is injected into a time that would have been very poignant.

We do expect the full trailer to shortly follow. Perhaps towards the premier of Doctor Strange 2, we will see more pieces to this upcoming movie.


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