Theatrical David Ayer Cut Suicide Squad May Happen In 2023

Great news for fans who have been pushing for the release of the David Ayer cut of Suicide Squad: it may just arrive in theaters in 2023. The possibility seems closer to reality as the director himself showed the cut to one of the main drivers of the #releasetheayercutsuicidesquad movement. Twitter account @RTAyerCutSS posted having the honor of seeing ‘The Cut’.

ReleaseTheAyerCut says that the movie has a deeper message.

Theatrical David Ayer Cut Suicide Squad May Happen In 2023

No way is this some form of April Fool’s joke. Besides being months away, that would be too cruel. Currently at 844 Retweets, 346 Quote Tweets and 3,125 Likes the post regales the readers of the account owner’s viewing experience.

on the comments and conversations below the tweet, @RTAyerCutSS reveals that:

  • First, he was able to watch it completely. David Ayer met @RTAyerCutSS. 2 hours and 23 minutes coming out with a totally different story.
  • Second, he said Jared Leto as the Joker “Stole the show.”
  • Third, the movie is complete in terms of timeline, sound, etc. However, some scenes in the last act requires polish on the effects.
  • Fourth, there is hope in releasing the film to the public.
  • Fifth, Batman has longer scenes. Batman. Has. Longer. Scenes. Ben Affleck’s Batman.
  • Sixth, Captain Boomerang actually throws his boomerang more than once.

In another tweet, @RTAyerCutSS posted:

When I saw ‘The Cut’ today, I discussed with @DavidAyerMovies the ‘deeper meanings’ within the film. I was really sad to hear how he felt misunderstood for years over a character’s portrayal. When, had his film been shown as intended people would have seen what the subject matter he was trying to cover.

It was, it still is a very important issue! A parallel storyline if you will. I wonder why the studio didn’t want that subject matter covered?

Theatrical David Ayer Cut Suicide Squad May Happen In 2023

David Ayer Suicide Squad Possible 2023 Theatrical Release

Image: Warner Bros.

Evidently, @RTAyerCutSS saw more depth to the cut of Suicide Squad that he saw. He further states:

[David Ayer] was trying to highlight a danger in our society within his movie for others to see & learn from. It was powerful & had a dark twist. In fact the character development of all characters are so much more developed in the first 20mins than all of the entire theatrical version.

David & the cast truly deserve for the proper film to be released as intended. We Must not give up the fight. We must never stop asking @wbd to correct the former regimes mistakes. David had a vision, he more than deserves for it to be realised. – Admin 1

With the Justice League getting its Zack Snyder cut into HBO Max, there truly is hope for The Ayer Cut. In addition, there is the fact that Warner Bros. Discovery under David Zaslav is more keen on theatrical releases. Moreover, recent developments also show that Ben Affleck is getting more traction as the Batman for the DCEU. Indeed, getting pieces into place to launch Zaslav’s 10-year plan for DCEU may be key to realizing what fans wish. Ultimately, if the fans are happy, the franchise will be happy too.


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