The CW May Shorten The Flash’s Final Season

The CW’s The Flash starring Grant Gustin will possibly have its final season with less number of episodes.

The report comes from The Hollywood Reporter via The longest running show spinned off from the Arrow is at its final run. Pun intended we suppose.

CW gave the 9th Season of The Flash a green light. However, the firm is considering the season to have less number of episodes. This is much like the final season of Arrow, where The Flash spinned off from.

The CW Brings The Flash To Close With Shortened Final Season

The CW Brings The Flash To Close With Shortened Season Finale

Image: The CW

The Arrow was created by Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and MarcGuggenheim.  The series starred actor Stephen Amell as the titular role Oliver Queen aka Arrow. It began 2012 and ran for 8 seasons until 2020. 23 episodes comprise Seasons 1-6. Season 7 had 22 episodes. Season 8 had only 10 which are even less than half the average number of seasons.

The Flash has an average of 21 episodes per season. Seasons 1-5 have the most number at 23 episodes each. Seasons 5-7 have 22, 19 and 18 respectively. The ongoing Season 8 has 20 episodes.

If CW will order an abbreviated Season Finale for The Flash then Season 9 may have only a maximum of 10 episodes. That will run for only two months and a half for a weekly episode release.

CW’s The Flash is the television series that features the DC Comics superhero of the same name. Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Geoff Johns developed the series.  Grant Gustin plays Barry Allen/The Flash. He acquired his speed powers after an explosion from a lab. Allen’s day job is being a crime scene investigator. His first television appearance was actually at the Second Season of Arrow.

The CW Brings The Flash To Close With Shortened Final Season

The CW Brings The Flash To Close With Shortened Season Finale

Image; The CW

Arrow gave the groundwork for this DC universe that eventually is termed Arrowverse. Queen’s playboy rich guy by day and vigilante by night is the “real” start point of the universe’s storyline. The Flash bridged the story from real, with advanced technology and pseudoscience aspects.

It was because of The Flash and his abilities through what is called the Speedforce that paved the way for other characters to be introduced to the Arrowverse including the now concluded Supergirl. Other related series are Legends of Tomorrow, Batwoman and Superman and Lois. 

Season 8 of The Flash is on going with the finale airing June 29.


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