Taika Waititi Wants Fresh Star Wars With Lucasfilm

Taika Waititi focuses on the opportunity to explore and expand Star Wars away from Skywalker saga in Lucasfilm.

Gamesradar reports that Director Waititi wants his Star Wars movie to focus on the universe beyond the original trilogy.

For years, Star Wars has embedded its existence in the entertainment industry. Spanning 45 years since Star Wars: A New Hope premiered, the Skywalker saga grew tremendously. Star Wars amassed a vast number of audiences from around the globe belonging in many generations. After the movies, literary masterpieces of novels and comic books filled the gap of years before the prequel trilogies came. Soon, critically acclaimed animated series were born.

Taika Waititi Wants Fresh Star Wars With Lucasfilm

Taika Waititi Wants Fresh Star Wars With Lucasfilm

Image: EA Games

However, even though new plot lines and new characters were introduced, it still revolved around one Force-gifted family.

Following the prequels, the sequel trilogy came further polarizing fans. It did not succeed in bringing generations together. The delivery is truly a missed opportunity to showcase the Luke, Leia, Han and even Chewie anew. So much so that even Luke Skywalker, Mark Hamill himself says that the character seen on Star Wars: The Last Jedi is “not my Luke”.

The standalone movies in-between trilogy entries still involved characters revolving around the time of the Skywalkers. Star Wars: Rogue One and the disappointment that was Solo: A Star Wars Story had to anchor elements referring to the original trilogy. This is the exact aspect that Director Taika Waititi wants to move away from.

For Waititi’s Star Wars movie, still of course under Lucasfilm, he says:

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