Sydney Sweeney Poised To Star And Produce Sony’s Barbarella

Sydney Sweeney takes on another comic book character in Barbarella to star and produce with Sony Pictures. After Sweeney launched her production company, the actress has been quite busy in both sides of the camera. Fresh from her success in Euphoria and The White Lotus, now filming in Madame Web, Sweeney pushes on forward.

According to Deadline, the budding producer in the actress is keen on starring as the Barbarella. The first movie arrived in theaters in 1968 starring Jane Fonda as the 5-Star Double Rated Astral Navigatrix. The movie itself is from the eponymous French comic book series that Jean-Claude Forest created.

Sydney Sweeney Poised To Star And Produce Sony’s Barbarella

From an article on Deadline, Sony intends to develop the adventure, fantasy, comedy feature with Sweeney as the lead. No writer nor director is yet on board for the project, but the actress will be its executive producer.

Whatever plans they have for the continuation or reboot of the movie is still under wraps. The 1968 movie that Roger Vadim directed, showcased Fonda as the innocent and most beautiful creature of the future. The future being in the 41st century where Barbarella ventures onto a mission to find and stop an evil scientist who go by the name Durand-Durand. Apparently, the scientist has created a positronic ray that the Unified Earth Government fears to be the end of humankind.

Apart from Barbarella, Sony also means to work with her as star and producer for another project: The Registration. Indeed, Sydney Sweeney is becoming a major talent and businesswoman in the industry. Her new production company has also just partnered with Endeavor Content for the television adaptation of The Players Table. Which in turn is a project based on Jessica Goodman’s They Wish They Were Us, The Players Table novel. The novel revolves around a murder mystery seasoned with intrigue and spite.

Sydney Sweeney Poised To Star And Produce Sony’s Barbarella

Sydney Sweeney Poised To Star And Produce Sony's Barbarella

Image: Paramount

From the looks of the trailer, Sweeney has her work cut out for her. The movie is definitely in position for a campy, raunchy, comedy take. It can even make fun of the current superhero movies. We do wonder if they will rewrite this to be for general viewing or a rated movie? In any case, Sydney Sweeney to star and to produce Sony’s Barbarella would be interesting to watch out for.


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