Streets of Rage Film Adaptation Moves Forward With Lionsgate

Following up on Sega’s Streets of Rage video game being developed into a film adaptation, we now hear that it moves forward with Lionsgate. Back in April, we also wrote about the video game getting developed into a full feature film. As early as then, John Wick writer Derek Kolstad was already on board to pen the script. He definitely has the requisites for turning the famous fighting brawler video game into a movie.

Now, Deadline reports that Lionsgate has officially acquired Streets of Rage. Fans know Lionsgate to be the same company behind the John Wick franchise. Kolstad will also stand as producer of the movie together with Sega’s Toru Nakahara. Joining them are Dmitri M. Johnson, Timothy I. Stevenson and Dan Jevons, who represent dj2 Entertainment. Also Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal and Tony Shaw will produce representing the Escape Artists banner.

Streets of Rage Film Adaptation Moves Forward With Lionsgate

Streets of Rage Film Adaptation Moves Forward With Lionsgate

Streets of Rage is a popular series of side-scrolling video game from Sega for the Sega Genesis back in 1990s. By 2020, it released its fourth version which generated highly positive reception. The videogame follows a handful of ex-police crime fighters to purge a city of its crime syndicate.

Sega must be very pumped from the success of Sonic The Hedgehog including its sequel. So much so that it now looks into the possibility of adapting its other games into movies. The path is wide open for Streets of Rage.

From the first time the game touched the market, many grew up playing the characters they featured through the years. Actually, writer Kolstad is one of them. The writer declared:

When Dmitri first mentioned the idea of cracking a Streets of Rage movie, I was so immediately freaking in. And to play with Sega? The 10-year-old me is still grinning.

Like Kolstad, Johnson is a player of the game as a child. Now, he is just excited to bring that enthusiasm to the big screen. He gushed:

I’ve wanted to make a Streets of Rage film since I was 12 years old. This has shaped up to become a ‘dream project’ alongside a ‘dream team.

Lionsgate Motion Picture Group’s President of Production, Erin Westerman says:

The game has a rich world and narrative, and we’re thrilled to be reuniting with Derek to bring it to life.

Streets of Rage Film Adaptation Moves Forward With Lionsgate

Streets of Rage Film Adaptation Moves Forward With Lionsgate

Image: Sega

Speaking on behalf of Sega, Nakahara commended the team behind Streets of Rage saying:

Lionsgate is one of the most dynamic studios in the entertainment industry today. We look forward to working with them, Derek and our all-star producers to bring this compelling IP to life.

Streets of Rage is already in position for the brawl. Hopefully they get to announce their cast in a few weeks’ time. Could we see traces of John Wick in the developing movie? There is only one way to find out.


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