Stranger Things Posts Title Page Season 5 Episode 1

As fans celebrate November 6 Stranger Things Day, its online accounts showed the cover page of Season 5 Episode 1 Chapter One The Crawl. The page shows just the title and the creators The Duffer Brothers. However, as expected, those who eagerly wait for the final season have much to say and speculate. The title itself could mean a lot of things.

Meaning, from scene to pick up from where the series left off to a foreshadowing of what the characters will go through for the entire season.

Stranger Things Posts Title Page Season 5 Episode 1

Stranger Things Day Posts Title Page Of Episode 501 The Crawl

Image: Netflix

The Duffer Brothers have said it before that they like to shake things up. Thus, new characters and monsters are thrown in for every season. But, because this is the final season, they do mean to wrap things up nicely for the fans. Of course, the season will answer all questions about Stranger Things. However, fans are curious as to what The Crawl will mean.

It doesn’t take long to see what they expect as titles of Stranger Things, or any series and episodes, usually give a clue. Here are some posits that we think may have traction for the episode:

  1. Vecna crawls back to his lair to regain strength.
  2. Vecna’s monsters crawl from The Up Side Down to to Hawkins.
  3. Somehow Will Byers crawls back to becoming a ‘spy’ then becomes one of Vecna’s generals.
  4. Taking a page from Dungeons & Dragons or similar role playing games where the term means the characters tread an uncharted path or maze.
  5. It hints at Eddie Munson crawling back in some form because the term is also within a line in his climactic song Metallica’s Master of Puppets.

Come crawling faster…Obey your master…Your life burns fast …

Basically, this tweet from kaelynn @eddiemvmsonn sums up how the fandom is doing right now:

Stranger Things Posts Title Page Season 5 Episode 1

Definitely, Stranger Things is a series millions of fans are waiting for. In different levels of anxiety, of course. But it’s undeniable that fans are formulating their own scenarios as to how the series will close. Perhaps, it’s the fandom’s way of getting through the long wait. Take note, the Duffer Brothers are still mum about a release date. Back in September, a pixelated photo of a board mapping out the season’s story rose in Twitter. The photo is from stranger writers @strangerwriters 

Try as one might, the literal story board is indecipherable. But, alas! As fans, we wait. That’s what we do.


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