Star Wars Marks A Release Date For Newest Movie

Seems that the galaxy far, far, away has a new story coming up as Star Wars now has a release date for its newest movie. Previously, Lucasfilm has been elusive in disclosing any information about their projects in development. Naturally, that is how it’s always been for production companies with bankable IPs. As for Disney, one major mandate stands among all its studios. 20th Century Studios President Steve Asbell shared that everyone under Disney have to produce 10 or more movies just for streaming and 2 or 3 for theatrical release every year.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has this assignment aced with the carefully plotted MCU. Meanwhile, fans can not say the same thing for Kathleen Kennedy. Although, the studio does have a strong Disney Plus streaming presence. This, through The Mandalorian and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Actually, it’s the theatrical projects that have been underperforming since the last Star Wars Trilogy and Solo.

Star Wars Marks A Release Date For Newest Movie

The last movie audiences got to see in the theaters was Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. In the official site, the movie is the epic conclusion of the Skywalker Saga. However, the movie left critics and audiences with mixed to deflated reactions. From “this will do” to “what did I just watch” reactions across fan sites and comment sections diluted its $300M net profit achievement for the studio. Financially, it did perform. But, in terms of capturing the hearts of the fans old and new, it fell short.

Because of this, there rose the notion that the audience has reached the point of “Skywalker Fatigue”. Furthermore, the onset of the global pandemic affected the plans of theatrical release due to health restrictions and public protocols. Yet, three years later, we still have no new Star Wars movie.

Now, Twitter is abuzz with a post from Star Wars Holocron @sw_holocron. The post states:

The next Star Wars film will now release on December 19, 2025 ✨

Suddenly, people are hopeful that they will be able to see the saga continue in the big screen once again. A lot of fans say that Star Wars belongs to the big screen. Indeed, that is why it is epic and that is what made it the saga it’s today. Nevertheless, online and streaming services became a formidable game changer in the IP race.

Star Wars Marks A Release Date For Newest Movie

Star Wars Marks A Release Date For Newest Movie

Image: Lucasfilm

Now as Kennedy has once cited, the studio is looking at stories beyond the Skywalker narrative. George Lucas’ Star Wars has already grown into a world of its own. It brought characters, histories and epic tales other than the Skywalkers into play.

An article from Small Screen lists the possible movie that this release date belongs to. There are only three that the studio publicly announced before.

First is the movie that Kevin Feige is developing with Michael Waldron as writer. Second is the movie that, Thor: Love and Thunder director Taika Waititi is writing and developing in New Zealand until January 2023. And, third is Patty Jenkins’ Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, although Jenkins’ project has been scratched off the movies they list on their pipeline.

Above all, it still could be a whole new movie for a whole new saga. One that is either years or centuries before or after the Skywalkers ever came to be.

Still, may The Force be with them.


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