Star Trek Strange New Worlds Has Carol Kane This Season 2

Upcoming Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2 shows its very first look at Carol Kane as part of the cast. Officially, Kane will portray Chief Engineer Pelia in the second season. Production unveils her character’s look through its Twitter account.

Star Trek on Paramount+ @StarTrekOnPPlus tweets:
The Enterprise just got a new senior officer. Meet Chief Engineer Pelia, played by the incomparable Carol Kane in #StarTrek #StrangeNewWorlds Season 2! #StarTrekDay

Star Trek Strange New Worlds Has Carol Kane This Season 2

Carol Kane dons the red coat as the Chief Engineer to Anson Mount’s Captain Christopher Pike. The actress is the newest member of the USS Enterprise crew. The same crew that the series launched with its first season this year. Prior to the end of the first season, the second season was already on the drawing boards. Now, season 2 production has wrapped up principal photography. In fact, it’s on schedule to arrive some time in 2023.

Star Trek: Strange New World is the prequel to the first ever Star Trek series that hordes of fans have come to love. Eventually, Captain James T. Kirk will take his turn with the USS Enterprise for his own crew’s adventures. In the mean time, actor Paul Wesley portrays the role of Kirk prior to becoming captain. The show has Ethan Peck as Spock, Celia Rose Gooding as Uhura, and Rebecca Romijn as Number One. Joining them as the rest of the ensemble are  Jess Bush, Christina Chong, Melissa Navia, Babs Olusanmokun, and Bruce Horak.

Before being part of the Enterprise Crew for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Oscar nominee Carol Kane already has 163 acting credits to her name. Among her well-loved portrayals are Valerie from 1987 Princess Bride, and Granny in 1993 Addams Family Values. More recently, she is Mindy Markowitz in the TV series Hunters, Fela in iMordecai and Marilyn Chilson in F Is for Family.

Star Trek Strange New Worlds Has Carol Kane This Season 2

Star Trek Strange New Worlds Has Carol Kane This Season 2

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Season 2 of Star Trek Strange New Worlds is proof that Paramount Plus means to further explore and expand the franchise. Obviously, the competition on Intellectual Property franchises is even steeper. Because of the view-by-demand market and mission to have more content available for streaming, television and viewers taste has been redefined. Bringing Carol Kane into the cast promises more interesting scenes and twists to the story.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds does not yet have a premiere date for season 2, but you can binge-watch season 1 on Paramount+, along with plenty of other exclusive Star Trek content.

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