Star Trek: Picard Ends In Season 3

CBS’ Star Trek: Picard is just on its third episode and already, its final season, Season 3 has wrapped production.

Small Screen reports that the production for Star Trek: Picard has just finished filming. The third season also closes the whole arc of the series.

Christopher Monfette confirms via Twitter saying:

And that’s a wrap on Season Three of #StarTrekPicard. As you watch and enjoy Season Two just know — the next and final chapter in Picard’s story is a truly remarkable thing. Beyond thankful to @TerryMatalas, the cast, crew and all our extraordinary writers who made it possible.

Star Trek: Picard Ends in Season 3

Star Trek: Picard Ends in Season 3

Image: CBS

In an interview with, Terry Matalas, the showrunner discloses that the series is truly intended to just be composed of 3 seasons. He shares:

I think the tremendous thing about the three-part story of Picard is that each chapter, each season, feels incredibly distinct. Visually, tonally, narratively, thematically. They’re each deeply emotional pieces of character-driven sci-fi, but they’re also exploring very different things, asking different questions. I think Season 2 is similar to Season 1 as it deconstructs Picard in ways we’ve never explored before. So, for all the genre popcorn, there’s also a lot of psychology and–dare I say–romance.

According to Matalas, Season 3 is “incredibly different” as compared to the two seasons. He also disclosed that the season will have the presence of an all-time great Star Trek villain. Nevertheless, it’s still too early to talk about the finale season. However, he still states that the finale season concludes Picard’s story most satisfyingly.

We grew up knowing Captain Jean-Luc Picard. His decisions and actions are consistent. They are indicative of the value he places to the lives of his people crew or civilians, to his ship and to himself. Yes, in that order. It’s what any crew would expect of their captain. Captain Picard prioritizes safety and salvation of humanity.

Star Trek: Picard Ends in Season 3

Image: CBS

The series is aptly called Star Trek: Picard. This is so because, for a change, he’ll have to come to terms with himself. As Season 1 showcased what he has lost and regretted, Season 2 may feature aspects of this life he can come back to or at least find closure from. Season 3 then becomes completely different because by that time, Captain Picard would have a new set or perhaps a stronger set of core beliefs and values. It would also be interesting to see him find his own happiness. Happiness that will not make him feel guilty that he may be diminishing his sense of responsibility. The kind of happiness that  because he finally is happy.

Captain Picard please make it so!


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