Sony’s Madame Web Is Just A Front?

Rising rumors surround Sony’s newest Marvel character Madame Web saying it’s actually a cover for an entirely different Spider-Man movie. We wonder if this has ever happened before. There have been instances of productions that studios put to a halt in the middle of filming. Also, tentative titles to shooting schedules have been a practice.

But an entire movie? One with reputable actors, writers and even producers that is not actually what it’s supposed to be? If the rumor posted on is true, then the real movie behind Madame Web is weaving something bigger. It could be bigger than introducing another anti-hero.

Sony’s Madame Web Is Just A Front?

John Campea, a Canadian YouTuber, film reviewer and reporter tweeted the rumor. Apparently the reporter hears that the Dakota Johnson led Sony Marvel movie isn’t actually a Madame Web project at all. He tweets:

For a few weeks I’ve heard whispers that the upcoming Madame Web project with Dakota Johnson isn’t actually a Madame Web project at all, but rather something else under the guise of Madame Web (even Deadline has alluded to it) but I haven’t found any proof of that. Anyone else?

In just over a day, the post has been retweeted 52 times, quoted 28 times and liked 747 times. Comments are quite varied as to disbelief to hopefully Dakota Johnson is actually Spider Woman.

Additional speculations followed. Some replied that Sydney Sweeney and Emma Roberts may also have superhero casting.

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If Madame Web is truly just a placeholder for the actual movie, then all possibilities are on for characters that fans can see. Particularly, three women are in forefront of the cast. Because of this, fans now think that Spider Gwen, Silk and Black Cat may be in the storyline.

If this rumor around Madame Web is to follow an actual Production Weekly post featuring Marvel President Kevin Feige, it can even mean a bigger crossover.  Taking this rumor with a grain of salt as any official news is yet to be available. In the mean time, we enjoy the comics and hope for the best.

Because that is what we do.


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