Sony Casts It’s Chameleon For Marvel’s Kraven The Hunter

Fred Hechinger has been cast in the role of Chameleon, Kraven the Hunter’s half brother, in the next film under Sony Marvel Universe.

Kraven the Hunter is going to the third of the six character focus we are waiting for under the Sony Marvel Universe.

First is Venom, played by Tom Hardy.

Second is upcoming Morbius, played by Jared Leto.

Third is Kraven the Hunter, played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Production for the third movie is well under way as Sony now has Fred Hechinger as Chameleon.

Sony Casts It’s Chameleon For Marvel’s Kraven The Hunter

Chameleon Cast Marvel Kraven The Hunter Sony

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Chameleon is Kraven the Hunter’s half brother named Dmitri Smerdyakov.

He is a master of disguise hence the name.

Growing up, his family made him hate himself.

Thus he grew to repress his identity and adapt his impersonation skill to new levels.

He has quite a complicated relationship with Kraven the Hunter.

Even though Kraven also did not treat him well during his younger years, Kraven at least noticed him.

After a failed encounter with Spider-Man, Chameleon approached Kraven the Hunter for help.

Spider-Man was still able to beat the half brothers in the end which led Kraven to see the webslinger as his nemesis.

Sony Casts It’s Chameleon For Marvel’s Kraven The Hunter

Chameleon Cast Marvel Kraven The Hunter Sony

Fred Hechinger is an American actor who is best known as Trevor in the film Eighth Grade, John Calley in News of the World, Quinn in The White Lotus and Ethan Russell in The Woman in the Window.

Knowing Chameleon’s profile, it would seem that Hechinger’s previous works are preparation for the role.

Chameleon torments himself with the need to prove his worth to his family.

The only time he ever felt accepted was when he was able to entertain his half brother with his impersonations of their neighbor.

Chameleon equated those seemingly happy times to acceptance.

He eventually thought that is who he is.

He is to be everyone else except himself.

It would be very interesting to see what Chameleon brings to Kraven the Hunter’s story.

The comics portray Kraven at times as an anti-hero, this upcoming movie seems to be telling different dimension of the character.

Many speculate that this truly is leading to the Sinister Six.

We look forward to finding out how Sony ties these characters together.

Even more so, which Spider-Man will they be facing?

Or are they looking into bringing more than one Spidey again to the party?

Kraven the Hunter film is expected to arrive in theatres January 2023.


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