Showrunner Treats Andor Season 2 Timeline As Half Of A Novel

Showrunner of Disney Plus Andor, Tony Gilroy, treats its Season 2 as half of a novel confirming the initial timeline plan. With only 5 years of timeline for the series until the opening scenes of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Andor Disney Plus series already has two seasons planned. Notably, as early as February this year, the series already had its greenlight for the second season.

Recently, Gamesradar posts finer details for the plans from Total Film. In the article, they confirm the timeline breakdown they have planned. Furthermore, they also practically confirm the appearance of a familiar Rogue One character in the second season.

The production has always been vocal as to the spread of the timeline for the whole story of Andor. Besides, the fans already know what will happen to Diego Luna’s character in the end. It’s no secret that the series is an origin story for Cassian Andor. More importantly, the series depicts the beginning years of the rebellion until it becomes the Rebel Alliance. In fact, in the early teasers that Andor released, there isn’t much machinery or organization that can be said when they presented the rebellion. They were pockets of groups of individuals trying to make a stand.

Showrunner Treats Andor Season 2 Timeline As Half Of A Novel

Showrunner Treats Andor Season 2 Timeline As Half Of A Novel

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It’s in these pockets of defiance towards the Galactic Empire where Cassian Andor will come from. They have also told that in the beginning, Cassian is not the man people see in Rogue One. In Andor, his journey to become that man will be the narrative. Season 1 premieres on September 21 with 3 episodes exclusively on Disney Plus. Season 2 begins its production this November.

Gilroy describes the production as if they are making a whole novel. Particularly saying that the second season is “the second half of the novel”. In his words:

We have four blocks of three [episodes] coming up [for season 2]. And each block will move you one year closer to Rogue One. And because it’s a year [each time], we can do something really fascinating narratively that you would never have the chance to do in a film. It’s exciting.

The production truly has the end in mind all throughout its development. Luna, who is also an executive producer for the sereis, is pretty much excited looking forward to it. He says:

It’s a beautiful moment. We’re getting ready. Things are being written and questioned, going back and forth… it’s beautiful to live that process from beginning to end, you know?

Andor Season 2 Has Its Greenlight With Confirmed Timeline

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They have to bring the story together to link its chain to Rogue One. Thus, the possibility of seeing movie characters introduced in the latter episodes of Season 2 is quite high. When asked about his droid best friend, he answered:

Our next season ends where Rogue One starts, so I think that answers everything!
It says a lot that his best friend [in the movie] is a droid, you know? Or his only friend, I should say. But in the show we’re going to start with someone who is very different from the quiet, lonely man we meet in Rogue One. We’re so far away from that in this first season; there’s a whole journey for us to explore…

Let’s get to know Cassian Andor better starting this September, shall we?

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