Rumored Doctor Strange 2 Deleted Scenes

Now that Doctor Strange 2 has been out for over a week, news about deleted scenes make the rounds in the rumor mill.

Needless to say, we urge readers to take these information with a grain of salt…

A report from TheDirect says that Marvel initially wanted Deadpool in Doctor Strange 2 post-credits scene.

Apart from Deadpool equals Ryan Reynolds equals hilarious audience engagement, Marvel wants to finally bring the Merc with a Mouth into the MCU fold. Given that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness have practically obliterated the multiverse wall, it’s the perfect movie to have all Marvel characters come home.

Fans were especially hopeful when the released teaser posted seemed to hint at his appearance. Although, Reynolds himself have denied the rumors, people still thought otherwise. Chalk it up to NDAs from previous movies… we’re looking at you Andrew Garfield. Still, given that Deadpool is now back with Marvel-Disney, it is only a matter of time before the character truly is in the MCU.

Rumored Doctor Strange 2 Deleted Scenes

Rumored Doctor Strange Deleted Scenes

Image: New Line Cinema

After the sequel of Doctor Strange proved Reynolds to be telling the truth, news surfaced that there was actually a plan for him to appear in the movie. Particularly, in a post credits scene. It would be much like Venom for Spider-Man No Way Home. James Clement and Nick Mason had a conversation from Clement’s podcast and it reveals:

So somebody sent me a list of five characters that were going to be in this movie that were cut… So apparently, yeah, the Wanda killing MCU Mordo, that was real. That was going to happen. Michael Fassbender was going to turn up as Magneto… I said [to my source], ‘Were any of these filmed?’ And this person said, ‘Filmed but ultimately cut from the theatrical version,’ which is what my source relates… Balder the Brave as mentioned, though not given a name… Ghost Rider, which is very interesting as a member of the Illuminati…

To this Nick Mason reacts:

Oh, he was going to be in the Illuminati?

James Clement:

Yeah, I guess? He was going to fight Wanda and probably die… and Deadpool was going to be in the post-credits scene.

How awesome would that have been? We could have had a Magneto in the movie to further solidify the presence of the mutants together with Professor X. Deadpool could have broken that fourth wall in the post credits scene to lines like “here I am finally. happy?”

While Balder the Brave and Ghost Rider already apparently had shots but were finally cut from the movie, their presence can still be done through Disney Plus streaming. A good number of upcoming characters can have them in their storylines.

Rumored Doctor Strange 2 Deleted Scenes

Rumored Doctor Strange Deleted Scenes

Image: 20th Century

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness broke its record in terms of the box office performance. To date it’s the movie with the highest ticket sales on its first weekend to beat. Worldwide box office performance of a domestic opening weekend of $187M, it sits Number 1 for dates May 6-8 with the Number 2 movie The Bad Guys of Universal Pictures. It bumped The Bad Guys from top rank as the movie trailed at $57M while just at its second weekend. To date, Doctor Strange 2 grosses $689.9M worldwide.

With the news of these character scenes deleted from the final cut, could it be the scenes that comprise the 35 minutes of the movie that Sam Raimi mentioned in Geekosity? As fans would have liked to see these characters, the movie could have had repeat viewers over the next weeks. People confirming the presence and absence of certain characters also spell the purchase and multiple-time-purchase of tickets.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is still in theaters.


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