Rosario Dawson Retracts Possible Jon Bernthal’s Return as Punisher

Rosario Dawson expressed excitement to work with Jon Bernthal’s Punisher in the future, but the actress has since retracted her statement. In an earlier statement she said that she heard that the Bernthal’s Punisher is back and further showed anticipation in sharing a scene with the actor in the future. However, in a recent tweet, the actress clarifies that the information she heard is from a fan at a comic con.

A video circulated in social media showing Dawson saying this seeming confirmation and later she takes to twitter to clear out her misspeak. Whether this is information control before D23, the fans now speculate.

Dawson plays Claire Temple in the Netflix Marvel shows, her comic con participation may have inadvertently let the return of Jon Bernthal’s The Punisher slip prior to official announcement. Although, the recent tweet can highly be true that it’s simply a misunderstanding. Still, the information fuels excitement among the fans.

Rosario Dawson Retracts Possible Jon Bernthal’s Return as Punisher

For some time now we have been wondering if Marvel Studios will be getting most of the cast from the Netflix Marvel shows. For a time, the only confirmation we got is Charlie Cox appearing in Spider-Man: No Way Home and Vincent D’Onofrio in Disney Plus’ Hawkeye. That alone was positive news for fans of the Netflix shows. Through those, Daredevil, the most popular of the Netflix shows, seems to be canon now. But we all wondered, what about the others? What about Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist or even the Punisher?

Dawson, who was in the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo 2022 seemed to have unknowingly announced that Jon Bernthal is back. This is the first time we heard it from any credible source. Yes, we have had rumors here and there, but no official word from anywhere. Rosario Dawson is part of the Netflix cast. Thus, her saying that Jon Bernthal is returning is big. And, based on the video, she just got the news just the day before too. So, the news is fresh.

Jon Bernthal’s Punisher was one of the highlights in the Netflix series of Marvel shows. Originally, from my recollection, there was no plan for a Punisher show at the time. This was when they made the second season of Daredevil. But, because of Bernthal’s outstanding performance, he was given a series of his own. In fact, his series even lasted for two seasons. Eventually, Netflix was forced to cancel all their shows which are Marvel related. In the end, the Marvel shows that they made were forced to finish their seasons. The Punisher ended on January 2019. The last Netflix show was Jessica Jones on June 2019.

Rosario Dawson Retracts Possible Jon Bernthal’s Return as Punisher

Rosario Dawson May Have Revealed Jon Bernthal's Return As The Punisher

People were so happy to hear the news that it immediately spread in the fandom. The information came from someone who is actually part of the series. Thus, fans took it as legit. But as expected, she had to retract that accidental announcement.

Did we just see a Tom Holland moment? Just recently she posted on Twitter and admitted fans can’t trust her. Did Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige call her up and told her what to say? Comic Cons have this air of excitement in them and it somehow makes people momentarily forget a possible NDA. Or, maybe it really is just a mistake?

Rosario Dawson has given a bit of a gift to fans actually. But, whether Jon Bernthal is back as Punisher or not is still unofficial. Sure. Kevin Feige did not have his title among the listed projects in the presentation on SDCC. However, there are a number of Untitled Projects in the presentation. We know Feige likes Bernthal’s portrayal of Frank Castle aka Punisher. For him, Bernthal is Punisher. With Daredevil in the MCU and in several projects coming up too, there is a very high possibility that Castle is in there somewhere as well. That is just the logical way to go.


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