Robert Downey Jr Might Just Return To The MCU

As Marvel Studios has successfully put the Multiverse and Time Variants in place, MCU might just get Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark back. There is high chances that the MCU may have a time with Downey’s Tony Stark aka Iron Man. However, the original Iron Man has of course irrevocably met his demise after his Snap. Again, due to the multiverse o the time variants, a version or a multiverse version of Tony Stark or Iron Man may appear.

There is a rumor from MCU Source @MCUSource circulating on twitter which says:

Robert Downey Jr Might Just Return To The MCU

The MCU would not have been as successful as it’s now if not for Robert Downey Jr.’s portrayal of the billionaire, philanthropist, genius, playboy known as Iron Man Tony Stark. Marvel Studios took the world by arc-reactor blasters with the 2008 Iron Man. The whole trilogy had a total production budget of $556M cashing Marvel in with $2.4B in the worldwide box office. It made MCU a household name spawning new heroes and franchises that every other movie production companies hope to duplicate. Try as they might, not one has come close.

Even during the onset of the pandemic, Marvel kept on turning its wheels of ideas and took advantage of the Disney Plus platform. Series upon series of introduced Marvel concepts and characters followed. In these series, Loki is among them that initially presented itself as a story from the events of Avengers: Endgame. The events that the Avengers had to go back in time through the Quantum Realm led to Loki becoming a time variant himself. By the end of the series, the Sacred Timeline broke and from it, branches of timelines emerged.

Meanwhile in the course of the stories that happened after Avengers: Endgame, led to the weakening of the multiverse barrier. That is, thanks to Spider-Man: No Way Home, Disney Plus Series WandaVision and finally Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The three MCU projects paved the way for the Multiverse Saga. In Doctor Strange 2 and Spider-Man 3, versions of the same character appeared on screen. The world finally saw the three Spider-Men together in one screen. Professor X hovered in the Illuminati council with Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four. Captain Carter also appeared with a variant of Captain Marvel and Mordo.

Robert Downey Jr Might Just Return To The MCU

Robert Downey Jr Might Just Return To The MCU

Image: Marvel Studios

Many ideas are now possible and people will accept it in the MCU because these developed over time. Through successive stories from various characters who are connected, ultimately MCU made it possible for even Iron Man to re-appear at any given time. Let alone during the Multiverse Saga. Robert Downey Jr. may even be with other actors whom MCU may tap to portray the role. For now, the possibility is for Downey to provide the voice of an Iron Man or Tony Stark multiverse variant in What If…?

This will not hurt any existing story or timeline because as the series is titled What If…? It’s an alternate story. Iron Man has also been featured in the first season of the series. However, in that run it was award-winning actor Mick Wingert who provided Stark’s voice. But who’s to say otherwise that he and Downey may just as well be voicing versions of Tony Stark in an episode right?

True or not, it’s still nice to think maybe Downey would be down for another flight in Mark say 616?


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