Report: Gunn And Safran Puts A Stop To Wonder Woman 3

A report from The Hollywood Reporter says that James Gunn and Peter Safran puts a stop to the submitted Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman 3 script. Just yesterday, a few hours ago to be more exact, we posted Gal Gadot’s tweeted excitement for Diana Prince’s next chapters. We also wrote that if the movie is about to enter production proper, it means it’s within the 10-year plan the Gunn and Safran has detailed for the DC Bible.

Well, after this breaking report, Gunn and Safran appears to have a plan without the story that Patty Jenkins has for Wonder Woman 3 in mind. While this poses numerous possibilities, there are definite points that the decision shows.

Report: Gunn And Safran Puts A Stop To Wonder Woman 3

Report Gunn And Safran Pulls A Stop To Wonder Woman 3

Image: Warner Bros.

First, David Zaslav’s 10-Year plan for DC to achieve its full potential now has Gunn and Safran’s DC Bible. The DC Bible carries the overarching story for all future projects within the DCU. Because they have the grand plan laid out, they know what script fits and what does not. Unfortunately for Jenkins, her latest complete script does not.

Second, Gunn and Safran is putting the stop to the script Jenkins presented. But it does not mean they are stopping Wonder Woman 3 completely. It’s possible they are only preparing for a different track for Gadot’s Amazon Princess. Being one of the DC Trinity, the other two being Batman and Superman, Wonder Woman will never be absent in DCU.

Third, Gal Gadot’s tweet can also mean a different set of chapters for Wonder Woman. Even though the time she posted it may be because she is waiting for a confirmation, the news that broke today may also be incomplete. There is more to this Wonder Woman 3 stop than what we think.

But this leaves more questions. What exactly is the big picture that Gunn and Safran are putting together? What do they have in mind for the prominent DC characters? Are they ordering a new script for Wonder Woman 3? Are they going to keep director Patty Jenkins on board? Is Gal Gadot being Wonder Woman also uncertain?

Report: Gunn And Safran Puts A Stop To Wonder Woman 3

Report, Gunn, And, Safran, Puts, A, Stop, To, Wonder, Woman, 3, Gal, Gadot

Image: Warner Bros.

Many of the questions link to what happens next for Henry Cavill’s Superman and Ben Affleck’s Batman. If they are recasting Gadot, then that does not bode well for the other actors. Like what we posted yesterday, Wonder Woman 3 will be the first major film feature that the new regime will oversee. After the currently listed movies for DC Studios arrive in theaters, that is the only time we will see the new story arc.

The report also stated that prior to Gunn and Safran officially beginning their office, projects are in active development under Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdy. They even wrote that De Luca and Abdy were keen on getting one more Justice League with the ensemble. But, now with the new duo seated, everything is still under wraps. It isn’t sitting well for fans of the Zack Snyder DC vision. Right now, people are saying it is at the cusp of getting to see its end.

It’s always moments before the breakthrough when the crisis happens. DC may appear to be in a crisis now, but we will still have to see what they actually have as their plans. They did say that they are listening to fans. But the ball is in Gunn and Safran’s court now. Let’s see if they’ll take a shot.


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