Ray Fisher Counts Walter Hamada DC Exit A Win

Actor Ray Fisher keeps his Accountability Greater Than Entertainment fight with Walter Hamada as the executive exits DC Films. A day before the official premiere of Black Adam, news reports announce that Hamada has exited his Burbank office and now waits for his final pay. As the former head did not accept future producer deals, the Dwayne Johnson led superhero movie Black Adam is among the last projects that will have Hamada’s name as one of the producers.

Ray Fisher Counts Walter Hamada DC Exit A Win

Eversince 2020, Fisher has made a stand against the production of reshoots for DCEU’s Justice League. He stated that then Director Joss Whedon’s conduct during the shoot was “gross, abusive, unprofessional, and completely unacceptable”. Back in January, Deadline posted an article featuring Whedon’s interview. There, he denied, dismissed and deflected these accusations. Fisher’s accusations were not the only ones Whedon addressed. Even Gal Gadot and Buffy and Angel series actresses Charisma Carpenter and Michelle Trachtenberg had issues against the director. Not to mention that he also had some issues with the crew.

Fisher not only called out Whedon, he also included Jon Berg and Geoff Johns. He claimed that the two were Whedon’s enablers. Thus, a toxic environment prevailed throughout the reshoot of the Justice League. This was the catalyst for then Warner Bros top management to decide on an internal investigation. According to the actor, then DC Films executive Walter Hamada, called him to exclude Johns in his statement. To which, the actor did not. Later, Warner relieved Whedon from his HBO project The Nevers.

From this, people have the impression that the ‘remedial action’ that Warners took was to ‘part ways’ with Whedon. Which propelled Fisher to expect an apology from Hamada.

By 2021, Zack Snyder’s Justice League streamed on HBO Max. This year, it won the Oscar’s Most Cheer-Worthy Moment. A few days ago, Fisher tweeted:

Ray Fisher Counts Walter Hamada DC Exit A Win

Ray Fisher Walter Hamada Leaves DC Films

Image: Warner Bros.

While Hamada is not likely to release the apology that Fisher wants, the change is already happening. Although, the new regime under David Zaslav might be very cautious in getting Ray Fisher back for future projects featuring Cyborg. Perhaps they may consider once they get through the quagmire they are in with The Flash’s Ezra Miller. 

In the meantime, a certain victory is the interpretation for the exciting changes that are taking place in Warner Bros Discovery.


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