Power Rangers Casting Call For 2023 Release

Power Rangers is in its early stages as Mega Power Brasil tweets it is for release in 2023

The post also directs to its article that discusses the news further.

Mega Power Brasil also attaches the documents about a casting call indicating Iris Hampton will oversee the casting for the project.

The document attached in the Mega Power Brasil report states that those hired to act in the season should be amenable to staying in Auckland, New Zealand.

Successful actors will stay on site for a period of five to six weeks.

Dubbing for the project is on January 2023.

Second page of the document cites a scene take involving a character named Yen and her headmistress.

In the featured dialogue, the headmistress is questioning Yen about her growing habit of tardiness.

Included in the document is the call to turn in the tests by March 9.

Power Rangers In Casting Call For Release In 2023

Power Rangers In Casting Call For Release In 2023

Hampton has been connected to the Power Rangers franchise as Casting Director since Power Rangers in Space in 1998.

The YouTube Channel PowerRangersPlayback featured an interview with Hampton dated July 15, 2021.

The casting director shares what she wants from those vying for a part

I just want people to realize that when they audition whether it’s via self-tape or where they come in to see me that we’re your biggest fans and your biggest supporter and we want you to do well

Hampton further says that, even during pre-covid times, they process and evaluate thousands of self-tapes from all over the world.

Among countries where self-tapes come from are Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, Mexico, Puerto Rico to name a few.

When asked about diversity on the cast, Hampton replies

Absolutely, you know what they wanted to represent and I think that’s onw of the most wonderful things about working with Saban through the years. and I know that Hasbro own them but when you work with them, they really took an interest in making sure that everybody was represented.

Apart from confidence in the auditions, Hampton discloses

I add a little twist where I could ask them to do a kick. …you should have some type of physical abilities. …whether it’s dance or gymnastics. And nowadays of course I have these kids that can go down a football field doing like these flips that are just absolutely insane!

Power Rangers In Casting Call For Release In 2023

Power Rangers In Casting Call For Release In 2023

Image: Toei Company

As it appears, it is possible that Iris Hampton may be searching for her new set of Power Rangers.

As to the new series plot, taking a few queues from the scene in the document, it could be having a High-School-Age set of rangers.

Who knows?

With previous series tackling from time travel, bad guy turned good guy, even touching family drama, ninja, samurai, dinosaur powers, mystical powers, and even space travel tropes, the series theme could be any of these or completely different.

There is a generation or two that grew up following these series.

Having been around for more than twenty years is quite an accomplishment for any franchise.

All together we say GO GO POWER RANGERS!!!


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