Possible Runtime of Marvel TV Special Werewolf By Night

Marvel TV Special Werewolf By Night may have just disclosed its possible runtime just a little over a week before its release on Disney Plus. Michael Giacchino directed the Halloween special that Peter Cameron wrote from Heather Quinn’s story.

Quite obviously, fans cannot wait to watch the Halloween special from Marvel Studios. Besides, as President Kevin Feige said in D23, it is the first time they have ever done such an endeavor. Two weeks ago, they released the official trailer intriguing fans all over the internet. The delivery is in black-and-white and rather ‘dated’. All the more, it added to the appeal towards potential viewers.

Possible Runtime of Marvel TV Special Werewolf By Night

According to cbr.com, Twitter is agog with the news that Werewolf By Night will run for 52 minutes 37 seconds. This was from the Twitter account @bigscreenleaks. They follow this information with the reply that the time already includes the movie’s credits.

The Disney Plus special stars Gael Garciá Bernal as Jack Russell. In the released trailer, Russell, along with a number of people come to a secluded mansion. It appears that they are to accomplish a common goal. Classified as a comedy, the movie is not exactly making itself predictable among audiences. Whether they are comic book fans or not, somehow, even with the trailer, people still do not know what to expect. But, definitely, their interests are at the palm of Marvel’s hands.

Joining Bernal as part of the cast are Laura Donnelly as Elsa Bloodstone, Harriet Sansom Harris as Verusa. Together with Al Hamacher as Billy Swan, Leonardo Nam as Simon, Eugenie Bondurant as Linda and Kirk R. Thatcher as Jovan.

A split-second in the official trailer shows a glimpse of what most fans suspect as the Man-Thing. Now, many comic book readers anticipate seeing the introduction of the fear-eating swamp monster into the MCU.

Possible Runtime of Marvel TV Special Werewolf By Night

Possible Runtime of Marvel TV Special Werewolf By Night

Image: Disney Plus

Furthermore, the introduction of characters in the cast lead fans to speculate about MCU’s intention to venture into the supernatural world even deeper. What could Marvel be preparing for with this line up? Also, consider the confirmation that Blade starring Mahershala Ali is coming into the MCU. Add to this the fact that Kit Harrington’s Black Knight is also already in there as well as Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight. Fans love to believe that Marvel is cooking up Midnight Sons for the MCU. Do you have the same thoughts?

Bringing Elsa Bloodstone and all her stories into the MCU will open more possibilities for the dark group. In the mean time, we look forward to seeing this comedy halloween special. Werewolf By Night debuts on Oct. 7 for streaming exclusively on Disney+.


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