Nintendo Drops Awesome Super Mario Movie Trailer

Nintendo just dropped its first trailer for the upcoming Super Mario Movie this April 2023 and it was AWESOME!!! Producer and Game Director Shigeru Miyamoto excitedly anchored the showcase as the trailer is cast on Nintendo Direct. It simultaneously showed in the New York ComiCon and YouTube as well as other platforms. The director shared that nearly 40 years have passed since the initial release of the Super Mario game in Japan. Ever since then, the fanbase just grew to millions from the Nintendo videogames to its various adaptations.

Miyamoto expressed his utmost gratitude to all fans, supporters and everyone who is anticipating the trailer and updates on the Super Mario Movie. The world of Super Mario becomes an animated movie through the collaborative efforts of Illumination under the leadership of Chris Meledandri. Meledandri spoke on behalf of directors Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic as well as the entire crew of artists who worked and are working on the movie and thanked Nintendo for the collaboration.

Nintendo Drops Awesome Super Mario Movie Trailer

Miyamoto and Melendandri updated viewers on the progress of the movie. In fact, the animation is on schedule for completion next week. At the moment, Illumination is deep in fine tuning the movie’s lighting and compositing. Furthermore, composer Bryan Tyler is collaborating with Nintendo’s Koji Kondo ensuring that the Super Mario theme will be incorporated in the movie’s score.

They proceeded to introduce Christ Pratt who lends his voice Mario and Jack Black who lends his voice in turn to Bowser. Pratt shared how he has Super Mario close to his heart growing up. Then he introduced Black who then went forward to make it “about him”. They promised fans and viewers that the Nintendo movie will make its mark on the Mario fandom for all time.

The Nintendo Super Mario trailer began showing Bowser’s attack on the Snow Kingdom of the Penguins. King of the Penguins did not stand a chance to Bowser’s flames. Immediately the frame transitions to Bowser almost grabbing the Power Star. He says:

I’ve finally found it! Now who’s gonna stop me?!

Then queue Super Mario music showing Mario falling into a patch of mushrooms. He then encounters Toad.

Luigi makes an appearance running from Koopas after the movie logo flashed on screen.

Nintendo Drops Awesome Super Mario Movie Trailer

Nintendo Drops Awesome Super Mario Movie Trailer

Image: Illumination

Notable reactions to Mario’s voice appeared on the comment section. People had a bit of adjustment hearing Mario without the heavy Italian accent. But all in all people typed their reaction on YouTube and the comment section went berzerk! Viewers typed in endless appreciation on the animation they showed. Background music was also awesome and now everybody can’t wait for April next year! Miyamoto promises a follow up trailer for the movie soon. The director also hyped up the fans to watch out for key elements in the Mushroom Kingdom. He states that once the movie hits the theaters next year, there will be interesting items they have carefully placed. Of course, he also states that the movie is for all ages.

They have truly gone a long way from their initial plans 7 years ago. The trailer that they presented was just astounding! 1UP for Nintendo Super Mario!


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