Nicole Kassell To Direct The Live Action She-Ra

In a latest development, Amazon now has Nicole Kassell on board to direct the live-action adaptation of She-Ra.

Variety reports the live-action adaptation of the classic cartoon series She-Ra is in development. An now, production has found its director in Nicole Kassell.

Kassell will also executive produce the pilot episode for the live action adaptation. At present, they have yet to find their writer for the project.

Nicole Kassell To Direct The Live Action She-Ra

Nicole Kassell To Direct The Live Action She-Ra

Image: Netflix

Nicole Kassell is a Primetime Emmy Award winner for her work as Producer on Watchmen. For the same project, she also got a nomination for Outstanding Directing for a Limited Series. Some of the other titles under her belt as director are The Baby, The Arrival, A God Walks into Abar, It’s Summer and We’re Running Out of Ice, Castle Rock, Romans, Westworld, and Les Écorchés.

The live-action adaptation of the series will be a standalone story and will not be in any way connected to the animated show on Netflix. The animated show She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is produced by DreamWorks Animation. DreamWorks will also serve as the executive producer for She-Ra.

If all goes well for the pilot, the project may progress into a series. Thus, it may be the first step to seeing the live-action She-Ra ever to grace the screen.

She-Ra is Adora, a superheroine introduced in 1985 through the Filmation series She-Ra: Princess of Power. She embodies a line of toys under Mattel in 1984. Historically, her first appearance was in a 1984 minicomic “The Story of She-Ra” giving her origin as the twin sister of He-Man. In the story, she is Princess Adora who was kidnapped by Hordak in her infancy.  Mattel released the minicomic with the 1985 original She-Ra action-figure to appeal to young girls in a way that He-Man appealed to young boys.

Nicole Kassell To Direct The Live Action She-Ra

Nicole Kassell To Direct The Live Action She-Ra

In 2018, the series got the reboot that features a younger She-Ra in a different universe without connections to Masters of the Universe. The series lasted for 5 seasons on Netflix with 50+ episodes until May 2020.

While version of the character specific to the project in development is still under wraps, there is much to explore as to She-Ra’s lore. As extensive Masters of the Universe is, her origin may still be a blank slate. Deviations to her origin are still with numerous possibilities.


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