Netflix Teases Neil Gaiman’s Live-Action The Sandman

Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman is coming on Netflix and teases its live-action glory, faithful to the source material from scenes to characters.

Fans have long waited on getting a live-action adaptation of a Neil Gaiman comic book. A very promising series is coming up to fulfill this dream. Pun intended.

Just a few days ago we posted how Neil Gaiman and Tom Sturridge recalled their respective experiences through the audition and production process of the series.

It was already evident at that point that writer and story creator Neil Gaiman is very happy with the upcoming Netflix series.

Netflix shared this GEEKED sizzle reel which also showcased several Netflix shows like Stranger Things, Umbrella Academy, Alice in Borderlands and more. And of course it included more scenes from The Sandman. The sizzle reel highlighted The Sandman at the last minute of the video.

Netflix Teases Neil Gaiman’s Live-Action The Sandman

Gwendoline Cristie is The Sandman’s Lucifer. She is every bit angelic and scary at the same time. Where Lucifer asks:

Hello Dream. Are you well?

The simple question makes viewers curious why Lucifer is calm. Fans who have read the comics will know what this alludes to and they are ecstatic.

Neil Gaiman himself is very much satisfied with what they have done with the series.

In the interview with Sturridge, he particularly noted episode 5. But apart from that, Gaiman seems to be a happy fan himself as he tells about the upcoming Netflix series.

A twitter post proved that scenes are straight out of the comic book.  A tweet from @Morpheus_Dream9 showed a side by side images of the comic and the clip from the teaser. Just a split second and fans have already seen it right off the page. The post says:

From page to screen. Perfect Adaptation of my favourite graphic novel is coming. #thesandman #Netflix @neilhimself

It truly pays to have the creator heavily involved in a project. This always ensures the fandoms satisfaction in delivery of the material. One can positively note that the Amazon Prime series Good Omens also enjoyed viewer satisfaction because Gaiman was also involved in the development. If it’s any indication, Gaiman himself expressed that he is even more involved with The Sandman than in Good Omens. It can be safe to say that fans will be more than satisfied with the delivery of The Sandman from print to live action.

Netflix Teases Neil Gaiman’s Live-Action The Sandman

Netflix Teases Neil Gaiman's Live-Action Sandman

Image: Netflix

The Sandmans main character is Dream, the titular Sandman. He is known throughout the graphic novel series as Morpheus, Oneiros, the Shaper, the Shaper of Form, Lord of the Dreaming, the Dream King, Dream-Sneak, the Cat of Dreams, Murphy, Kai’ckul and Lord L’Zoril. He is the personification of dreams appearing with human features. The Netflix series will cover the first story of the novels where Morpheus is captured, practically “kidnapped”, and imprisoned for years by an occult. Morpheus escapes and resolves to rebuild his kingdom after getting back at his captors.

The dark comedy fantasy theme of the series reflect the struggle and journey of Morpheus into a sensitive, concerned Endless after his experience of being abducted.

Neil Gaiman’s excitement is currently evident on Twitter. Where a fan commented “not my lucifer” in the trailer implying a different perception of the character, Gaiman immediately replies:

Not my problem.

It’s just completely encouraging that the creator himself is so happy with the result he doesn’t care what people will think. That is because he knows the long-time fans of the character will love the adaptation. He knows fans will love it. End of story.


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