Netflix Drops Official Trailer For Newest Kdrama Little Women

Netflix just dropped its official trailer for the newest kdrama entitled Little Women starring Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun, and Park Ji Hu. The drama is loosely based on the classic novel by Louisa May Alcott. This Korean adaptation will feature three sisters instead of Alcott’s four. Also, the upcoming drama will have suspense and thriller aspects to its story rather than focusing on drama and romance.

Local network TVN released the teaser poster last week in its official Instagram account. The three sisters are illustrated walking their path to a predetermined destination. The caption translates:

“Where are Kim Go-eun, Nam Ji-hyun, and Park Ji-hoo heading to?”

The uploaded trailer features mostly lines and point of view of Oh In Joo, Kim Go Eun’s character. She appears as the eldest sister to comes across a huge sum of money. Of which, Nam Ji Hyun’s character, Oh In Kyung, calls stolen money. Park Ji Hu is Oh In Hye, the youngest of the three sisters who is innately talented in art. The three sisters have a strong bond as they face hardships of poverty together. Eventually, they are thrown in the middle of a situation involving the richest family of the country.

Netflix Drops Official Trailer For Newest Kdrama Little Women

Description for the video is as follows:

Three sisters, who only have each other and never enough money, get entangled in a conspiracy involving the rich and powerful.

Little Women | 3 September, only on Netflix

In the trailer, In Joo states:

“We three sisters are going to try to live life without hardship.”

This is followed by a scene where she finds a bag full of money where the caption reads:

“The mysterious 70 billion won (approximately $53.5 million dollars) that appeared in front of their eyes. Will they keep it, or will they return it?”

In a voice over, In Kyung asks:

“You’re going to buy that apartment with the stolen money?”

To which, In Joo replies:

“Why do you keep saying it’s stolen money? It’s money that I received.”

Then, in the final moments of the trailer, In Joo states:

“Mom, Dad, In Hye, and you. I’ll make it so you guys can live without having to worry about money.”

LeisureByte reports that Little Women has Vincenzo’s Kim Hee-won at its helm. Among other projects through Director Kim’s lens are The Crowned Clown and Money Flower. Meanwhile, Jeong Seo-kyung writes to adapt the classic novel into this newest drama. The writer has worked for Korean movies Handmaiden and Thirst.

Netflix Drops Official Trailer For Newest Kdrama Little Women

Netflix Drops Official Trailer For Newest Kdrama Little Women

Kim Go Eun’s most popular work is her role as the lead female character in Goblin. Her more recent project is Yumi Cells which ran for two seasons featuring a story that also use CGI animation to depict her numerous ‘cells’. Nam Ji Hyun has been in the drama industry as a child actress steadily growing into one of the most sought-after lead actresses of her generation. Her popular work includes Shopping King Louis, Suspicious Partner, 100 Days My Prince and a web series entitled The Witch’s Diner. Park Ji Hu is the youngest of the three building her career as an actress. Viewers remember her as one of the students in the zombie drama All Of Us Are Dead. Squid Game’s Wi Ha-jun joins as a supporting cast member.

Jeong Seo-kyung updates the conflicts that the sisters face from the time of the original novel. Even though many productions have adapted Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women, this is the first time it takes the suspense and thriller genre into the story. While circumstances may differ, certain attributes of the sisters still remain.  Jo’s writing skills has now become In Kyung’s journalism profession. It’s possible that they will talk about a sister they have recently lost to a fever much like the classic story’s Beth. Meg’s story of marrying and starting a life of her own is now In Joo’s chancing upon a bag of money that changes opportunities for her and her family. Amy’s artistic prowess is still with In Hye as she tries to enter Art School.

Little Women is in our watch list. Is it in yours?


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