Netflix Are Giving Up Their Marvel Series

Netflix is letting go of Marvel series Daredevil, Jessica Jones, The Defenders, and even Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Punisher are also leaving Netflix.

Netflix has begun their notification to subscribers that they have until February 28, 2022 to watch Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The show will no longer be on the platform starting March 1, 2022.

This date more than satisfies the clause where Netflix would still retain the rights to these shows and characters for two years after the shows finished airing.

All Marvel series on Netflix will be reverted to Disney after that.

These series started prior to Disney’s launch of their own streaming Disney+.

Fans speculate where would all these series go?

Disney has Disney+ and Hulu as potential new homes for the Defenders and AoS.

However, audience are still not sure.

The Netflix series belong to the darker side of storytelling in terms of mainstream MCU.

Even AoS has unclear connections to the MCU towards the latter part of the seasons.

The Bright Side Of Marvel Series Leaving Netflix

Netflix Are Giving Up Their Marvel Series

Image; ABC

We have seen positive developments on the part of Daredevil as we saw Matthew Murdock in Spider-man: No Way Home.

Then Kingpin is in Hawkeye.

In fact, the two appearances in the MCU happened or premiered the same week.

Perhaps the same day?

I forget. But those days were so good for the holidays.

Kevin Feige himself has teased bringing them back.

As these series and titles come back home to Marvel, seeing the Defenders again is something that is more possible now.

Whether they be on Disney+ or on Hulu, the good news is that they will have new stories coming up.

People have doubts if these shows would be on Disney+ due to their audience-rating.

It does appear to have a mismatch with Disney+.

Netflix Marvel Series

Image: Netflix

How will they bridge this gap?

Hulu is the more plausible service.

But if that were the case, the ex-Netflix series would have a detached feel to the MCU.

Will they keep the old seasons on Hulu then release new seasons on Disney+ with clear connections to the MCU?

Will they tone down the adult and violent content for the family oriented Disney+?

It seems that every step has its pros and cons, it is a hard decision to make.

Keeping the Netflix versions would seem like they were variants or they belong in a slightly different universe.

And maybe they can approach it that way too.

So far, the news that we are receiving do give us hope for a revival of not just The Defenders and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. but of other characters as well.

No matter what, it is a very happy time to be a superhero and comic book fan nowadays.


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