Neill Blomkamp Helms Sony’s Gran Turismo Movie For August 2023 Release

Sony’s movie adaptation of the videogame Gran Turismo with Neill Blomkamp as director is now for release on August 2023.

Deadline posts the Gran Turismo Sony movie update with Blomkamp a the helm set for theatrical release by August next year.

The screenplay is under Jason Hall’s pen for PlayStation Productions and Columbia Pictures. Asad Qizilbash, Carter Swan, Doug Belgrad, and Dana Brunetti represent the studios producing the movie.

Neill Blomkamp Helms Sony’s Gran Turismo Movie For August 2023 Release

Neill Blomkamp Helms Sony's Gran Turismo Movie For August 2023 Release

The logline reads:

Based on a true story, the film is the ultimate wish fulfillment tale of a teenage Gran Turismo player whose gaming skills won a series of Nissan competitions to become an actual professional race car driver.

As the movie now features an actual plot centered on a player’s dream, the movie now has the sports inspiration angle in its storytelling. Basing the movie on a true story will give a dramatic feel to the writing. 

The video game Gran Turismo in itself is a series of racing simulation game. Polyphony Digital developed the game for PlayStation systems. The game creates the most realistic and believable setting for a virtual race.  It features vehicle models that are licensed rendering of actual automobiles. The game simulates the drive and race including computed physics no other game of its kind can compete. In fact, since its debut in 1997, Gran Turismo pushed the boundaries of simulated racing. Especially when it led to its collaboration with Nissan.

The collaboration brought forth the Nissan GT Academy where up until 2016 conducted competitions that brings together the world’s best Gran Turismo players for the ultimate dream of actually being a professional racer in the Dubai 24 Hours race. Jan Millard Lacuna even posted his article in about his experience and why the academy has to be brought back. Also, the fact that Gran Turismo has just become an Olympic motorsport event in the 2021 Olympics in Japan. Gamers became actual Olympians.

Neill Blomkamp Helms Sony’s Gran Turismo Movie For August 2023 Release

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Jason Hall has written characters that seem to be uprooted and placed on a drastically new environment. Specifically, those characters have to navigate their adjustment at the same time stay true to their individual goals. Likewise, his projects like Paranoia and Thank You For Your Service may just have the similar theme. Pertaining to a character pursuing his racing dream through a video game that is Gran Turismo.

Meanwhile, Neill Blomkamp’s directing style shows a level of drama amidst technology. Whereas, in District 9, he brought out emotions from an alien species scrambling for escape and survival. In Elysium, he was able to capture the contrast between two societal worlds very vividly. These can be instrumental for audiences to see the difference of the video game into the actual track through Blomkamp’s eyes.

Thus, we look forward to seeing the virtual and the theatrical track soon.


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