Neil Gaiman Shares Extra Scene From Sandman As Thanks

Neil Gaiman thanks fans from around the world for warmly supporting The Sandman on Netflix and shares an extra scene from its episode 1. The Netflix Original Series The Sandman is still reigning at the Global Top Ten on the streaming giant. 21 days from its premiere and people are still talking about Morpheus’ capture, escape and his captors’ retribution. In addition, the bonus episode that premiered August 19 is an immediate favorite together with episode 6.

As a gesture of appreciation, the creator tweeted an extra scene from episode 1, Sleep of the Just, on twitter. The scene shows Ansu Kabia as Ruthven Sykes telling Laurie Kynaston’s Alex Burgess to work instead of reading the broadsheets. This follows with Alex telling Roderick Burgess that Charles Dance portrays, of a rising sleep ailment. Further, Alex points out it happened since they captured Dream of the Endless.

Neil Gaiman Shares Extra Scene From The Sandman As Thanks

The scene that Neil Gaiman shared actually showed how Alex was insightful. He was keen to connect the peculiar rising sleep condition with Morpheus’ capture. As expected, his father did not share his sentiments. Even if he did share Alex’s theory that one is the effect of the other, it didn’t matter. Because, Roderick valued more of the advantages he recently gained. Of course, Sykes agrees with the magus.

It’s also during this deleted scene that Alex showed he favors the idea of releasing Dream. Here, he even mustered enough courage to comment as much in front of his father. While Roderick was daring Alex to repeat his suggestion, Ruthven managed to divert his master’s attention. Specifically, his question brought Roderick’s thoughts back to the people outside. Immediately, his question brought Roderick’s attention back to money. As sort of punishment for being ahead of himself, Roderick challenged Alex to step up.  Specifically, to speak with the people outside, possibly running low on their patience, and somehow gain their money.

The disbelief on Alex’s face says it all. He can’t believe that his father gives him the chance. Further, he can’t believe his father would allow the opportunity. In every possible way, Roderick has made it clear that the son he wanted and only wanted was Randal. Yet, Alex just finds himself following his father’s command. Then the scene ends.

Equally important to note, Roderick does not acknowledge that he had other people help him capture Dream. The mere question of “We?” simply relayed that the credit of Dream’s capture only goes to him.

Neil Gaiman Shares Extra Scene From The Sandman As Thanks

Neil Gaiman Shares Extra Scene From Sandman As Thanks

Image: Netflix

This sharing of the extra scene from The Sandman is not just Gaiman sharing a deleted scene. Even though it does not alter the story flow, it does give an insight as to Alex’s thoughts. Especially, during the time he had the chance to talk to Morpheus alone. In the series, viewers already know that Alex felt sorry for Dream’s state of imprisonment.

The deleted scene added to the reason why Alex felt Dream needs to be set free. In his conclusion, Dream’s capture has affected the waking world. Thus, Alex deeply knew that the rising ailment will be cured upon Dream’s release.

Now, fans are actually hoping to see more.


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