Natalie Portman Keen To Work With Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel

Natalie Portman, MCU’s Jane Foster aka Mighty Thor thinks if she could work with Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel in the future, it would be fun. In a world that is opening to a lot of possibilities, MCU is home to many heroes that can easily be together for a project. Because their universe has everything and everyone connected, from the comic books, fans see if one hero can have a project with another.

Variety has just uploaded videos on YouTube featuring the red carpet interviews with Thor: Love and Thunder stars on its World Premiere. In one of them is a conversation of two minutes and thirty five seconds featuring Natalie Portman. Variety made Portman consider her options extra carefully when they asked her whom she would like to work with in the future.

Portman took a few seconds to name her choice. She answers:

That is a good question. …hmm… well, chris is the ultimate of course and of course Tessa. I love being with both of them. Maybe, well, I love Captain Marvel. Brie is a dear friend so, that would be a fun one. That would be cool.

Natalie Portman Keen To Work with Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel

Natalie Portman and Brie Larson being friends prior to a project will be icing on the cake. There is already a pre-set chemistry between the two. Who wouldn’t want to work with a friend you hold so dear?

While this possibility may not have even been thinkable after Thor: The Dark World, Portman still finds it incredible that the opportunity presented itself. When Variety asked if she thought becoming Mighty Thor was possible before, she says:

I really didn’t. You know, every once in a while some fans would mention it but I didn’t really think it was on their radar. Until Taika came over to my house and mentioned it to me. I feel so lucky and feel so excited that that has become part of the story arc for jane.

On Mighty Thor’s message to little girls watching the MCU, she answers:

Well I think it’s incredible that all children have an array of women that they can identify with and that there’s not just one. I grew up where there was like Wonder Woman or something and maybe Catwoman. There’s like one kind of these characters and so now to have this wide variety of different personalities, different appearances, different powers, it allows everyone to imagine their potential.

Variety changed the topic to focus on her physical transformation for the part. When asked what it was like, she says:

Well it’s so incredible to get to be a six foot character when you’re actually 5’3! I think that’s not a very common casting decision. So, I’m super grateful to the marvel universe and to Taika for their imagination. And, yeah, it’s incredible to get to see myself become big!

Natalie Portman Keen To Work with Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel

Natalie Portman Keen To Work With Brie Larson's Captain Marvel

Image: Marvel Studios

In the comments section of the video, some fans are already taking this carefully worded answer as a hint. They even speculate that there is something brewing already down the road. This is a very encouraging set of reactions to paint the tones of future projects involving Jane Foster aka Mighty Thor and Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel. Portman is very well received in her portrayal of Jane. Larson however have faced not-so-favorable reactions as comic book Captain Marvel herself already had them disliking her. However, things shifted to her favor when Avengers: Endgame came. Larson’s MCU Captain Marvel seems friendlier. She connects more to other characters, hero or not.

In the comics, Carol Danvers has yet to face the Mighty Thor. Although, she has fought Thor and in Captain Marvel #12 (2019) she did defeat Thor with the caveat: Thor wasn’t holding Mjolnir. It would be interesting to see the MCU version of this fight with Captain Marvel and Mighty Thor instead.

But again… you never forget your first.


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