Ms Marvel 2 May Get Green Light From Disney Plus

Reining a bit of excitement as Ms Marvel may have just gotten a green light for Season 2 on Disney Plus from Marvel Studios. While we are ecstatic that we can anticipate a follow-up season, we still need an official announcement. The report of Season 2 Ms Marvel getting a green light is not yet official.

A report from states that scooper Daniel Richtman stated Marvel Studios has apparently given the green light for Ms Marvel’s Season 2 on Disney Plus. Marvel star Iman Vellani herself shared what she could about the second season update.

Ms Marvel 2 May Get Green Light From Disney Plus

In the recent D23 Expo, Deadline got to ask Vellani about the follow up season. The actress said:

They don’t tell me anything. So, you’re not gonna hear anything. Hopefully. We got a sort of petition or something.

Despite the popularity of the series, it still doesn’t have the official announcement for a season 2. Although, the lead actress is hopeful. Not only did the series present the Marvel character well in live-action, it adds to the story of the upcoming Captain Marvel movie. Even though there are differences in showing Kamala Khan’s powers and origin, the series placed her securely into the MCU.

Instead of stretching and expanding physically, her hardlight projects these in the series. She did, however, state the term “embiggen”. Also, it’s in the Ms Marvel series that audiences got to hear the mutant theme as well as the term “mutation”.

Ms Marvel 2 May Get Green Light From Disney Plus

Ms Marvel 2 May Get Green Light From Disney Plus

Image: Disney Plus

It’s along these lines that the second season seems inevitable for Kamala Khan. Definitely the series won’t be the last we will see the cast and crew in the MCU. With the new Captain Marvel movie The Marvels coming in 2023, Kamala Khan gets to share an adventure with Carol “friggin” Danvers!

Of course, the eventful body-swap in the post credit scene is in the upcoming Captain Marvel movie. Season 2 of Ms Marvel can delve into Bruno’s mutation observation. In addition, there is still the matter of the Veil and the growing attention they have from Damage Control.

So much can still be told through Ms Marvel. We do hope Marvel Studios truly flash that green light that the fans are waiting for.


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