More of Michael Keaton As Batman After The Flash Movie

It seems that we will be seeing more of Michael Keaton as Batman in upcoming DC projects for HBO Max after The Flash movie.

Following up after his October 2020 article on Small Screen, Edward Lauder writes that Michael Keaton has reportedly signed for three more DC Projects.

This further supports their article that Michael Keaton will be in a project based on the Batman Beyond series.

We Will See More of Michael Keaton As Batman After The Flash Movie

More of Michael Keaton As Batman In Upcoming DC Projects

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In the upcoming The Flash movie, Michael Keaton will be one of the 2 Batmen that Barry Allen will come across.

Apparently, the world of Michael Keaton’s Batman links to Leslie Grace’s Batgirl.

Batgirl is has no specific release date on HBO Max.

It just cites 2022.

However, The Flash clocks in on November 4th.

Does this mean that Batgirl flies late November or December?

But are the events in The Flash movie going to even matter for the Batgirl movie?

In retrospect, I think not.

No matter in which movie we will see Michael Keaton’s Batman first, his story is reportedly based on Batman Beyond.

Will We Get Batman Beyond?

More of Michael Keaton As Batman In Upcoming DC Projects

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Batman Beyond is the fourth series in the DC Animated Universe for television.

Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, and Alan Burnett developed the Batman Beyond with Warner Bros. Animation as producers in collaboration with DC Comics.

The animated series featured an aging Bruce Wayne.

With the prologue describing Bruce’s psychological struggles and difficulties as he aged, it fits for Michael Keaton.

In the story, Bruce Wayne retired as Batman and shut down the Batcave.

He cut all ties with the Justice League and severed his relationships with Superman and Wonder Woman.

Years later, even his hold on the family business is weakened as Powers took over.

The series also introduced a younger character, Terry McGinnis.

McGinnis mirrors Wayne’s pain as someone who has lost his father to Gotham crime.

More of Michael Keaton As Batman In Upcoming DC Projects

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For McGinnis however, there is a possibility of putting the criminal behind bars.

In a definitive moment, Bruce Wayne helps Terry McGinnis during an altercation with a gang called Jokerz.

Terry learns the connection of the gang to the one responsible for his father’s murder.

Wayne allowed McGinnis to assume the Batman persona at night and also became his chauffeur during the day.

Eventually, Terry, as the younger Batman, was able to catch the murderer of his father.

Overall, during the course of the series, audiences are shown a darker side to Batman’s psyche.

His struggles as he detached himself from society was also part of the story.

Then the appearance of McGinnis giving him the thought that Gotham needs Batman once more.

More of Michael Keaton As Batman After The Flash Movie

Image: Warner Bros.

If Batman Beyond is to be the basis for the upcoming project of Michael Keaton, the character fits him perfectly.

I have read that Michael Keaton himself is excited with the project.

Perhaps the plotline is so meaty in terms of psychological aspects to Batman and Bruce Wayne.

This is something Michael Keaton would be excited to portray.

The animated series also tackled social issues, relationship conflicts and youth struggles which will also fit right into a series.

With Michael Keaton’s Batman appearing in The Flash and in Batgirl, it actually connects the movies and the tv series.

I think the current courses of action are a good path to create a diverse set of properties for DCEU.

Personally, I am so pumped up with the knowledge that this is truly happening.

I am even toying with the idea that Michelle Pfeiffer may do a cameo down the road.

Fingers crossed!


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