Morbius Post Credits Scene Already Partially Revealed

Upcoming Morbius movie starring Jared Leto actually already revealed a part of its post credit scene in the official trailer.

Giant Freakin Robot shares this information for an unspoken superhero movie ‘tradition’. Post credit scenes actually keep people’s butts to their seat and get to read names of cast and crew that made the movie they just saw. The anticipation of what they can learn or laugh or be intrigued with the last moments of the film only builds from one movie to the next.

Let’s be honest, sometimes the mid-credit or post-credit scenes take up most of the bits we tease our friends with. Or perhaps fill the profile status we post the day after we watch the move. Guilty.

Morbius Post-Credits Scene Already Partially Revealed

Morbius, however, actually already showed the world a part of their post credit scene if the news is accurate. The article states that the post-credit scene includes Michael Keaton. Particularly the part in the official trailer where he yells

“Hey Doctor Mike, you and I should stay in touch.”

Michael Keaton’s Vulture appears to be going back to police custody and Morbius is walking up the stairs to join uniformed personnel. Vulture seems to take the “I know something you may be interested in” stance. While Morbius shows a very cautious behavior.

There are things one needs to think about in this.

Who actually includes part of the movie’s end-credit scene in the trailer?! It’s not like it’s the only scene the Vulture had in the trailer. He is already there in the first seconds of it. Unless there is more to this end credit scene and we do think there is, it won’t make sense to put it in the trailer.

There definitely is more. Breaking this down, things have already happened because Vulture seems handcuffed again. Things have gone down but Vulture still has a plan. And his plan can include, if not need, Morbius’ participation.

Morbius Post-Credits Scene Already Partially Revealed

Image: Sony Pictures

This indeed promises a follow-up story that Sony may be building into. Add to the fact that they may have other scenes leading to this as well as a mid-credit scene. Some movies do that. Especially movies that are introducing characters that are eventually part of a bigger group with a common goal.

Morbius seems to be such a movie to me. He will be one of many characters and the story is setting the pieces set in place.

Yes, “when you’re strange, no one remembers your name” indeed, but Vulture keeps Doc Mike’s name in mind.


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