Mohamed Diab Developing Moon Knight 2 With Oscar Isaac

Season 2 of the MCU Disney Plus series Moon Knight seems to be in development as revealed by director Mohamed Diab and lead Oscar Isaac.

It’s making its rounds on social media that the director and the lead actor are in Cairo. Indeed, why else would they be in Cairo if not for Moon Knight Season 2?

A TikTok video from @hayaattiaaa shows her asking

The question in everyone’s mind: is there a season 2?

Then the frame moves to Diab saying:

huh? for Moon Knight?

And a final movement of the frame to Issac who then asks:

Why else would we be in Cairo?

Mohamed Diab Developing Moon Knight 2 With Oscar Isaac


Since y’all have been asking #oscarisaac #mohameddiab #moonknight

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As of writing this article, the video already has almost 6K comments, 405K hearts and 12.8K shares. This is testimony to how the audience received the Moon Knight series well ever since its Disney Plus premiere.

The comments are exploding with questions and hope that the video isn’t just a joke or a tease. As it turns out, the video owner is the director’s daughter. Whether they are in Cairo for recreation or actual project development is beside the point. The director and the lead actor of Moon Knight are in Cairo.

If not for Moon Knight Season 2 or relaxation, there are other reasons. The least controversial reason is that they are scouting for possible locations. Further, it could be for a project not necessarily about an Egyptian god’s avatar. *wink*

Mohamed Diab Developing Moon Knight 2 With Oscar Isaac

Mohamed Diab Developing Moon Knight 2 With Oscar Isaac

Image: Disney Plus

What’s encouraging is that they have no qualms as to show this. Like they just tossed that scrumptious bread on the table to see if anyone picks up for a piece. Then everybody gets a whiff of the fresh-baked aroma that they all want a piece. We are just happy Moon Knight actually has this much love from fans.

Now, if only they can serve up Season 2 of Moon Knight that would be great thank you very much. Jake Lockley deserves some longer screen time and we would like to see Taweret more too with Scarlet Scarab.

So much can still be in the follow up season and we know Moon Knight can be a character who will be instrumental to bringing Midnight Suns to the spotlight.

September’s D23 has a lot to show us still. And we cannot wait.


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