Millennium Media Reveals Matilda Lutz Red Sonja First Look

After what seems to be an eternity of pre-production, Millennium Media now reveals the first look of Matilda Lutz as Red Sonja. One Take News, @OneTakeNews, on twitter posted the photo sharing the first image of the Red Sonja movie starring Lutz.

Yes, Red Sonja fans can really expect the live action adaptation of the sword and sorcery heroine from Dynamite Entertainment. The character is from writer Roy Thomas and artist Barry Windsor-Smith for Marvel Comics in 1973. Thomas and Windsor-Smith partially based their Red Sonja on Robert E. Howard’s Red Sonya of Rogatino who a female swashbuckler in his short story Shadow of the Vulture is back in 1934.

Millennium Media Reveals Matilda Lutz Red Sonja First Look

Movieweb recounts the progress of the production since 2008 citing it going through many challenges. Primarily, the production had difficulty getting their lead actor after Rose McGowan had to relinquish taking the role. Equally important as well as difficult is the production’s search for its director. Finally, the production got M.J. Bassett on board as director, who, in turn, found Matilda Lutz for the role.

Millenium Media President Jeffrey Greenstein praises Bassett’s work on the production and commends how Lutz perfectly fit the character. Greenstein shares:

This has been a long journey from script to screen and we are excited to go into production after assembling the best creative team, an amazing band of up and coming talent and a fun and fantastical world fueled by the Red Sonja IP. M.J. is an amazing filmmaker with fantastic vision and Matilda was absolutely brilliant in Revenge that we knew she was right for this role the moment we saw her – making them the perfect duo for Red Sonja.

Millennium Media Reveals Matilda Lutz Red Sonja First Look

Millennium Media Reveals Matilda Lutz Red Sonja First Look

Image: Dynamite Entertainment

He wasn’t kidding when he said it has been a long journey. About 14 years later and counting is about the time the production had to wait to find the best match. The Production somehow had a lift in spirits since Bassett came. Then, thanks to him, the production found its lead actor. Speaking about the production, Bassett said:

I’ve wanted to make a Red Sonja movie since I was a teenager – she has been a powerful presence for me and a character that I have always wanted to bring to the screen with my own voice and vision. When I met Matilda Lutz, I knew she had all the magic I was looking for and could see the complexity and depth she would bring to Sonja.

This is great insight for the fans to learn that the upcoming movie is under the helm of someone who is also a fan of the character. It’s a relief to know Red Sonja will be in good hands.

Fans can expect Millenium Media’s Red Sonja sometime in late 2023 or early 2024.


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