Michael Maher Jr Posts Stranger Things Vecna Concepts

Senior Concept Illustrator and Visual Effects Supervisor Michael Maher Jr posted early Vecna concepts for Stranger Things. Its been a week and people still can’t stop talking about Stranger Things Season 4 and how spectacular it was. Now Mike Maher re-stirs the primordial pot as he showed fans the early ideas on how Vecna could have looked like this season.

Maher used his Instagram account to post a video or slide show of Vecna concepts that weren’t chosen. Fans feasted their eyes to the various versions noting how Vecna could have been more scary than he actually came to be.

Ladbible also posted still captures and photos of the concept art on display. The creature that greets the viewers have the common characteristic of deteriorating flesh as Vecna or Henry Creel stays exposed to the Upside Down. Some how there is also an art concept of Vecna where he evolved to grow an exoskeleton of spikes or thick scales.

Michael Maher Jr Posts Stranger Things Vecna Concepts


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While every version is scary, if not getting scarier as the slides proceed, the main condition is expression. The approved and final Vecna design took advantage of the interconnected vine or hive concept where branches and roots are alive. These protrusions continually grow and strengthen. In addition, the final Vecna design allowed for actor Jamie Campbell Bower to show more expression.

Maher presented the concepts in a slide show with captions:

[One] design featured skin that would loosen and fall off in patches. One version had [skin] hanging from his jaw, [while] another had skin melted over his eyes. When his powers were used he would cry blood.

In the end, Vecna needed to be expressive so the designs didn’t make the final cut.

Michael Maher Jr Posts Stranger Things Vecna Concepts

Michael Maher Jr Posts Stranger Things Vecna Concepts

Image: Netflix

Further, Maher also posted that the creatures responsible for Eddie’s death are actually inspired by another carnivorous out-of-this-world creature. In another post he says:

Did you know the Demobats from Stranger Things 4 were inspired by the Mynock creatures from Empire Strikes Back?

I, for one, find relief that the final Vecna was the one that the team chose. I can’t imagine the other designs in the season. For sure the designs are scary but as to how these designs would have moved in the world and how they would have interacted with the characters it unimaginable to me. Or maybe I just like the final look of Vecna more.

The other concepts sure are haunting though. Could you imagine how they would have to move in the scenes? How could they have made the connection with the Right Side Up?

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