McKenna Grace Confirms Ghostbusters 4 Is Happening

Mckenna Grace confirms the follow up movie to Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Ghostbusters 4 is definitely happening and of course, she’s in. After a successful medical procedure, Grace looks forward to a thriving acting career. Not only that, but the young actress has also begun her journey to music. A journey she admits as something that is therapeutic for her rather than a full-fledged profession. Besides, her passion is still acting.

In a recent interview with NME, the actress confirmed that she will appear in the follow up movie of 2021’s Ghostbusters: Afterlife. The movie she declares that changed her life.

McKenna Grace Confirms Ghostbusters 4 Is Happening

McKenna Grace Confirms Ghostbusters 4 Is Happening

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McKenna Grace accommodated an interview that provided a glimpse of how she has been since her first Ghostbusters movie. Apparently, the actress had to endure the challenges of having scoliosis at such an early age. Just in her instagram account, she revealed that she had undergone a surgical procedure that corrected her spine. Ever grateful to the medical professionals that took care and guided her through her journey, she also turns to music for an emotional outlet.

While the Ghostbusters movie was filming, she endured quite a number of difficulties that she ended up disclosing her condition to the staff and crew. She shares:

Cinematographers and DPs [directors of photography] would always be like, ‘Mckenna, you need to stand up straight’ or ‘Mckenna, you’re leaning on one foot. And so I eventually started having to talk about it, especially in [costume] fittings and stuff. That way we could make sure that whatever I was wearing didn’t make me look like one of my hands was way higher than the other.

I was so scared and nervous. But it’s really cool to be able to look back in retrospect and say, ‘Wow, that film really changed my life.

McKenna Grace Confirms Ghostbusters 4 Is Happening

McKenna Grace Confirms Ghostbusters 4 Is Happening

Image: Sony Pictures

The Afterlife actress also said that she will reprise her role in a sequel. This time, the characters will be in New York City. The city where it all began. Grace excitedly said:

It’s gonna be weird getting back into that character because I had just turned 13 when we started shooting [Ghostbusters: Afterlife], and now on our [new] set, I’m going to turn 17.

Meanwhile, director Jason Reitman and writer Gil Kenan has announced Ghostbusters 4 will pick up its story with the Spengler family still. Also, it has December 2023 as its release date.

What spooky and crazy antics could be in store for the world as the Spengler family further delve into its history?

What do you say when a ghost asks if you’re a god?


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