Matt Frewer Stars In Upcoming Max Headroom Series At AMC

AMC Networks is developing a drama series reboot featuring 80s pop culture icon Max Headroom bringing Matt Frewer back for the role. Frewer reprises the fictional artificial intelligence persona from the 1980s. Headroom exaggerated the image of television hosts and entertainment news anchors during its time. Further, he reflected the generation highly immersed in television for entertainment as well as pop culture learning.

An exclusive from Deadline states that the reboot series is coming up for AMC Networks. However, the manner in which the character will be reintroduced for the series is still under wraps.

Matt Frewer Stars In Upcoming Max Headroom Series At AMC

Matt Frewer Stars In Upcoming Max Headroom Series At AMC

Image: AMC

The character first appeared in April 1985 in Max Headroom: 20 Minutes into the Future. The movie provided his origin story where Frewer portrayed Edison Carter. Initially, the story goes where Carter gets unconscious after a motorcycle crash. During his coma, developers made an AI program using his mind as its data. Consequently, the AI identifies as Max Headroom as it is the last signage Carter saw before he went unconscious. The sign says “Max. Headroom 2.3 Metres”. The AI who introduces himself as Max Headroom becomes a TV host who challenges corporations that seem to monopolize the world. But unlike Carter who exposes them through journalism, Headroom does so with sarcastic commentary.

Matt Frewer now decades after his stint as Max Headroom is also popularly known for projects Watchmen (2009), and Hercules (1997). He was Judge Fred Wright in the television series Perry Mason (2020), as well as The Binder in The Magicians (2019-20) and Logan in Fear the Walking Dead (2019). Also, he has reprised his Max Headroom portrayal in the movie Pixels (2015).

AMC Networks has Christopher Cantwell on board to write the adaptation who will also be the series’ showrunner. Elijah Wood and Daniel Noah’s SpectreVision and All3Media will produce the reboot. Cantwell, Frewer and Lisa Whalen will be the executive producers.

Matt Frewer Stars In Upcoming Max Headroom Series At AMC

Matt Frewer Stars In Upcoming Max Headroom Series At AMC

Image: Virgin

Early online reactions are considerably postitive and brimming with excitement. Many are curious as to how Max Headroom will return for the series. There are also those who also remember a specific event that happened in 1987 where an unidentified person wearing a Max Headroom mask hijacked a local broadcast signal. The event is now known as as the “Max Headroom incident.” Some even speculate that the incident itself could be an inspiration for the reboot series.

Matt Frewer’s Max Headroom is one of the most iconic definitions for the 80s. His appearance inspired many iterations and this includes the popular Back to the Future II. Even music videos up to the current A-list singers give a nod to Max Headroom either by lyrics or appearance. Evidently, his image still influence in the entertainment scene. Depending on the logline or premise over-all, AMC could very well be on the brink of relaunching Max Headroom for pop culture stardom.


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