Marvel Studios Presents Spider-Man Freshman Year At SDCC

SDCC showcases a lot of new anticipated projects from Marvel Studios including the upcoming Spider-Man: Freshman Year. Comicbookmovie reports that even though the upcoming animated series will not belong to the MCU, it carries many familiar characters with it.

Furthermore, not only do they confirm the series is coming with the characters and some details. they also say they are readying for Season 2. Surprise surprise! In turn, the title for that will be Spider-Man: Sophomore Year.

Marvel Studios Presents Spider-Man Freshman Year At SDCC

Marvel Studios Presents Spider-Man Freshman Year At SDCC

Image: Marvel

Because it’s a story outside the MCU which is universe 616, Peter Parker, eventually Spider-Man, will not be in Tom Holland’s voice. Sites have also cited possible reasons why. Neither did the panel say who will be the voice for the main character of the series. However, they did share that Charlie Cox himself will lend his voice to the series’ Daredevil. Apparently, the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen will team up with the Friendly Neighborhood Spider and the Sorcerer Doctor Strange. We can consider this stint as Cox’s way of preparing for his actual MCU debut as well.

This world can still be considered as either a variant or another one of the many from Marvel. As such, it will still be following a grand plan. Maybe not a prequel to the Spider-Man: No Way Home but a prequel to the What If? Spider-Man himself.

In the panel, they announced Peter Parker will have Norman and Harry Osborn. Norman will be Parker’s mentor instead of Tony Stark in this world.

Also, it will be Oscorp that will create Spidey’s costumes. Designs of the costumes as well as characters are in the tweets from Rotten Tomatoes.

The panel also shared the villains that will face off with the Spider-Man. Doctor Octopus, Chameleon, and the Scorpion among them.

Marvel Studios Presents Spider-Man Freshman Year At SDCC

Marvel Studios Presents Spider-Man Freshman Year At SDCC

Image: Sony Pictures

Indeed, it’s marvelous that as early as now, the show already has laid plans for its continuity. This most likely will have some fans reacting unfavorably but that is also inevitable. Every project cannot please everybody. The important point is that Marvel, through its numerous projects gets to weave its intended storytelling. Their audience knows that there are projects in the pipeline. The audience knows that there is a dependable, foreseeable set of stories under their banner.

That, I believe is something Amazing not just for Spider-Man.


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