Marvel Studios Flicks 2nd Trailer For Thor: Love and Thunder

Less than a day and Marvel Studios’ Official 2nd Trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder already has almost 14M views with 948K likes.

This official 2nd trailer from Marvel Studios still showcases Sweet Child O’Mine as the background music but with Korg as the one narrating in the video. Thor: Love and Thunder trailer features the story angle between Chris Hemsworth’s Thor and Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster aka Mighty Thor. In this trailer, it has more screen time with side-reactions from Tessa Thompson’s King Valkyrie. Equally important, it also finally features Christian Bale’s Gorr the God Butcher. Furthermore, he even is wielding his weapon the All-Black Necrosword.

Marvel Studios Flicks 2nd Trailer For Thor: Love and Thunder

The Marvel Studios trailer actually fortifies the focus points of the upcoming movie. That of Thor’s relationship, existence or non-existence thereof, with Mighty Thor. And that of Gorr The God Butcher. Both plotlines align with the yearning of Thor to find meaning and purpose in his life after the Avengers: Endgame. The first trailer covered that search for meaning on Thor’s point of view.

The 2nd trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder opens with Korg talking about Thor to youngsters. He talks about how the Space Viking Thor Odinson sets off on a new journey after saving the Earth for the 500th time. A journey that got him in shape from dad bod to god bod to reclaim his title as the one and only Thor. Then shows Jane Foster claiming Mjolnir just a few inches from Thor’s grasp.

The trailer showed how Thor is still affected by his relationship with Jane Foster and what has become of it. For a few seconds, viewers see how much he is in denial of that fact as well. He has 8 years, 7 months, 6 days, give or take to deny that fact. But, Valkyrie knows better.

What a lot of fans are busy on the keyboard lately is about Gorr in the trailer. In the video he says

The only ones who gods care about is themselves. So this is my vow: All gods will die.

Marvel Studios Flicks 2nd Trailer For Thor: Love and Thunder

Marvel Studios Flicks 2nd Trailer For Thor Love and Thunder

Image: Marvel Studios

Physical features aside, in the comics, Gorr was once a devout follower of his culture, his planet’s gods. After numerous misfortune and painful loss, he came to conclude that there are no gods. One day he chances upon gods in combat and witness their existence. This enraged him even further because it proved to him that gods just did not care nor listen to his prayers. And because they are negligent to the ones calling for their aid, the gods must die. Marvel Studios have clearly aligned this part of Gorr for the movie. However, we will have to know their reason for the alteration of Gorr’s physical features for the film.

With all of these scenes and storylines shown in the trailer, what is there left to see? Taika Waititi keeps the color, fun and fanfare he has showcased in Thor: Ragnarok. At the time, the trailer for that movie also showed how Hela crushed Mjolnir. That was the shock of it all. What else is there that is bigger than that of a crushed Mjolnir? The movie then proceeded to show Thor’s discovery that the power is truly within himself.

For this fourth Thor movie, Thor: Love and Thunder will show what his powers call him to do. What he as Thor Odinson is meant to do.


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