Is Marvel’s Secret Invasion Filming In Canada?

Update: Nope, it’s not. It’s filming in Halifax, UK.

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Is the new Marvel series Secret Invasion filming in Canada? Nothing is confirmed but there is some damning evidence!

One of the least-discussed of all of the upcoming DisneyPlus shows has relinquished a nugget of information.

It’s been recently discovered that filming has started in Canada for the Samuel L. Jackson led Secret Invasion.

The series will explore the Skrull activity on Earth as witnessed in 2019’s Captain Marvel.

It is said to star Jackson’s Nick Fury and Ben Mendolsohn’s Talos.

Very little is known about the project that is supposedly being produced in secrecy under the title Jambalaya.

The series has been in production since autumn of 2021.

The Halifax Courier, a local news site, has recently discovered that the Halifax Piece Hall is closing down for a week for a film known only as Jambalaya.

It seems that filming occurring at the hall should extend from January 24th until January 31st.

Is Marvel’s Secret Invasion Filming In Canada?

Is Secret Invasion Filming In Canada

Image: Disney Plus

Moreover, local roads have also been closed off which means there is a good chance we will also see some exterior shots of the area.

Very little information has come out about this production, as Marvel has gotten very good at keeping a lid on their productions.

It would only make sense that a production known as Secret Invasion wasn’t very forthcoming with details.

Due to the nature of the story, it isn’t a surprise that the team is keeping things close to the chest.

The comic crossover was a series produced in 2008 through Marvel Comics.

With writer Brian Michael Bendis, penciler Leinil Francis Yu, inker Mark Morales, and colorist Laura Martin helming the series.

The story detailed the long term invasion of the Skrull Empire on earth.

They used their shape-shifting abilities to take the place of many of Marvels greatest superheroes.

The comic series including a swath of Marvel characters across it’s grand spectrum of titles.

However, right now we are not yet certain who else will be included in the Samuel L. Jackson fronted project.

Because of their need to keep so much secrecy shrouded over the title it has been surmised that multiple endings will likely be filmed to keep sites like yours truly on their toes.

The Kyle Bradstreet created mini-series is expected to premier sometime later this year.


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