Marvel Is Developing Man-Thing Halloween Special for Disney Plus

Reports say that Marvel is developing a special Man-Thing debut in its cinematic universe this Halloween for Disney Plus.

As a multitude of characters are now available to Marvel. There’s quite a broad range of story choices for the property.

One of the newer ventures is the development of Man-Thing. Should plans come to fruition and the special does land on Halloween, we can expect there’s another monster in the genre.

Man-Thing has a long backstory and an even longer list of tales in the comics.

In Earth 616 he is originally a biochemistry professor in Empire State University named Dr. Theodore Sallis.

From there, the US Army recruited him for Project Sulfur.

The project aimed to ensure solders’ survival in any case of biochemical warfare.

Sallis develops the SO-2 Serum which successfully renders users immune to all known toxic biochemicals.

Marvel Is Developing Man-Thing Halloween Special for Disney Plus

Marvel Is Developing Man-Thing Halloween Special for Disney Plus

Image: Sci-Fi Pictures

The serum, however, turns users into monsters as a horrifying side effect.

The US Army discontinued this project and re-assigned Sallis to re-create the Super Soldier Serum.

The same serum that created Captain America.

Events followed that made Sallis destroy all his records of research about the new serum.

Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM) ambushed Sallis and during the attempt to flee, he had to inject the only serum he made to himself.

As he crashed to the swap, he transformed into the Man-Thing.

From then on The Man-Thing’s stories varied from horror mysteries, to mystical adventures and even fighting other monsters as well.

The recurring concept is that The Man-Thing is the protector of the Nexus of All Realities which exists in the swamp.

Stan Lee, Roy Thomas and Gerry Conway created The Man-Thing with the art of Gray Morrow.

Man-Thing first appeared in Savage Tales #1 on May 1071.

Marvel Is Developing Man-Thing Halloween Special for Disney Plus

Image: Marvel Comics Group reports that their source says:

It’s expected that they want to emphasize the horror aspects of the character, and make this project a complete horror-themed special. And while they haven’t decided who will be playing the titular character, they’re currently in search of a big name to fill the role.

To have the Man-Thing debut in the MCU will also mean the introduction of other characters connected to him.

In the comics he has encountered Ka-Zar the Lord of the Jungle, Jennifer Kale the sorceress, even Howard the Duck, to name a few.

As the guardian of the Nexus, he faced demons, ghosts and warriors from different times.

How Man-Thing will be introduced into the MCU will be very interesting.

It is undeniable that the MCU has now the capacity to introduce out-of-this-world characters given what is to happen in a few months.

MCU truly gets to deliver possibilities by keeping what works in the comics and interpreting it in either live action or in animated series.

After the Man-Thing, who will be next?


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